Marjorie Taylor Greene Left STUNNED After Reporter Ditches Her For Someone Important…

Date: September 06, 2022

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“Outside of the Pennsylvania Trump rally this past weekend, Marjorie Taylor Greene was happily speaking with right wing reporters, until they realized that a much more important person was nearby and they left her hanging mid-sentence. Greene’s face looked shocked at the rudeness, but that’s what happens when you aren’t actually the center of attention. Farron Cousins discusses this.


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Marjorie Taylor green made the trip up to Pennsylvania this past weekend, of course, alongside Donald Trump to speak at his rally because she will do anything for publicity. So before the rally began, Marjorie Taylor green is outside the, uh, venue talking with reporters from the right side broadcasting network, the RSB in, and she’s having a grand old time, right? She’s out there spouting the typical Republican talking points where she says a lot of things that mean absolutely nothing. And then the reporters saw somebody much more important than her, and literally walked away from her as she was. Mid-sentence leaving her completely stunned that they clearly didn’t give a what she had to say. So take a look at the clip. It’s absolutely hilarious. Marjorie Taylor green left hanging because nobody actually cares what she has to say. Here it is,

Did by their local party. That’s usually what happens first. Um, you know, traditional G O P traditional Republican parties usually want that keep the outsiders away, but we have got to get people to keep coming. Um, Doug marsh successful people,

Uh, trying to get Doug over here

One. So let me tell you, what’s the funniest part of the clip. Okay. There’s two reporters from RSB N talking to her. Okay. Two of them. And one of them sees Doug Mao, right? The extremist, who is the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania. So they got excited. They wanted to talk to Mao, but here’s the thing. You didn’t both have to go over there. You could have just sent one or the other. You could have been like, Hey, go, go see if you can get him for an interview. Like we, we we’ve done that in the past with ring of fire. You know, when we’ve been out doing things and we’ve said, oh, Hey, there’s, Soandso go get ’em. But the fact that both of them left Marjorie Taylor green hanging shows that they didn’t care what she had to say. They were only speaking to her as filler. They, they didn’t care. They were already on the lookout for someone even better, which they think they found with Moo. And the second he gets within their eyeline, they’re like, oh, screw it. Hey, bye. See, Hey Moo, what you doing, buddy? It come over here. Talk to us. And Marjorie Taylor green. She’s like, wow, okay.

She was stunned, stunned that they would just walk away from her, how rude. And I guarantee you, the next time RSB N comes knocking on Marjorie Taylor green store. She’s gonna sit there and gladly give them an interview. Even though she clearly knows now that they don’t care about her, she’s a seat filler. Look, I gotta be honest as somebody that has been working as a producer for nearly 20 years in progressive political media, everybody’s got their seat fillers. Okay. Everybody’s got the guests that they go to when they got nobody else to talk to. Right. They always give you good content. It’s not a knock on any of these people, but when nobody else comes through, you’re like, okay, screw it. We’re gonna go with so and so, um, and again, I know that because I got my list of faithful regulars that I will absolutely not hesitate to call because they’re always there.

They’re always available. And that’s what Marjorie Taylor green is to them. And that’s not even a knock against her. Right? Well, I guess it is a little bit because see, the difference is the people on my regular call sheet actually always have something good and new and exciting to say, and people love to hear from them. On the other hand, Marjorie Taylor green has nothing to say right in that clip without going back and looking at it. Can you tell me what she was saying before they cut her off and walked away from her mid sentence? What was she saying? You don’t even remember. I don’t even remember. And I’ve watched the clip 10 times now. That’s how forgettable she is. And that’s what that clip proved.”


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