Photos Show Trump’s Truth Social Offices Completely Abandoned…

Date: September 06, 2022

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“A columnist for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune has tweeted out a photo that appears to show the Truth Social headquarters completely abandoned, with all the signage removed and the keypad for entry ripped off the wall. This isn’t a good look for the struggling social media company, and it could mean that the doors are about to close for good, cutting Trump off from his only platform. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


*This transcript was auto-generated. Please excuse any typos.

A columnist with the Sarasota Harold Tribune recently posted this photograph, showing the headquarters of truth, social Donald Trump’s social media platform, completely empty, but not just empty. There’s no, there’s no signage anymore. There’s no name. There’s, there’s no word Trump anywhere. And if, if you zoom in on the picture, which somebody did, uh, cuz again, this reporter had posted this on Twitter reporter by the name of Chris Anderson, somebody zoomed in and it actually shows that the keypad reader, you know, to put in your code or swipe a key card has been removed from outside the truth social office.

So if this is where truth social is doing business, nobody can get in and the offices are empty. Here’s what Chris Anderson. That’s the reporter who posted this said on Twitter. This is what the truth social office looked like in Sarasota, Florida on Wednesday afternoon, there was no one inside the social media company’s headquarters, no receptionist, no business sign, no sign of CEO, Devi. Nuez nothing with Trump’s name anywhere in the building. So even in the lobby, you know where they have the directories, nothing, it’s almost as if truth social doesn’t exist. Very interesting, right? I mean, this is a big social media platform. It does, I think have a couple million users. I mean, Trump has a couple million followers, so it has to have a couple million users at least. And there’s, there’s nobody home. There’s nobody in the offices, nobody running day to day things, nobody handling financials, not a receptionist, not even a sign, not even a, a thumbprint thing to get through the door. Nothing.

Uh, as Marcy Wheeler pointed out on Twitter, you know, um, to kind of paraphrase her. Trump is so busy, you know, making us stay focused on these other things that maybe he’s distracting us from things that are more serious. That’s what she posted in response to this. Maybe there’s bigger problems at truth social than we know of. I mean, we do know it was reported on July 7th that Donald Trump left the board of the company right before. Of course it was hit with subpoenas, you know, from the, uh, sec. So they’re part of that investigation. They’re a target of that investigation for potentially breaking laws, with regard to colluding with digital world acquisition. That’s what they’re under investigation for, uh, to see if there was any kind of collusion between the two before the money was raised. And before the merger was announced, uh, because if there was, that is highly illegal and digital world is

Already shaken in their boots, worried that they don’t wanna buy this anymore because Trump could go to jail. He’s hugely unpopular. This outlet is not attracting the people they thought it would. So they don’t want to have to pay the $500 million to buy it. We also had recent reports showing the truth. Social’s not paying their contractors. They’re not paying the people who are doing the web hosting, who are creating the infrastructure for their website. Haven’t paid ’em since March, they owe ’em 1.6 million, according to the contractors who yes have hired lawyers by the way. And now we find out that their offices are completely abandoned. Something big is going on here. Right? We’re talking about, there is a federal investigation. There have been subpoenas, the CEO, Devin Nuez, as the reporter said, nowhere to be found there. The building is empty. They’re not paying anybody. This is real. This is big. And hopefully a good investigative reporter is gonna get to the bottom of it because I tend to agree with Marcy Wheeler on this. I think there’s something massive happening that they’re trying to distract us from.”


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