5 thoughts on “A sad day: Excess deaths, non covid…

  1. feinmann

    US Group Life policyholders between the ages of 25-64 die at 30 to 40% of the rate of the general population (only 3 to 4 people die for every 10).

    Ed Dowd: “Guess what happened in 2021? It flipped.” US Group Life policyholders experienced 40% excess mortality whereas the general population experienced 31.7%, an 8% differential.

    “Vaccines are the cause of that eight-point differential through deductive reasoning and simple logic. Until somebody can come up with a better explanation for that, that’s my smoking gun.”

    Now, the disability data. General population: the rate of disability increased by 6%. Employed population: the rate of disability increased by 22.7%.

    “It looks like the life expectancy is going to drop from 74 to 53 over the next five years.”


    Good to see John Campbell eventually becoming red-pilled, better late than never I suppose. A tragedy the general population globally remains firmly blue-pilled.

    Here is another UK medic, indeed one of the most influential cardiologists in Britain, Dr Aseem Malhotra. It took the death of his father from a “vaccine”-related injury to wake up to the dangers: https://www.theepochtimes.com/top-pro-vaccine-doctor-calls-for-global-pause-of-messenger-rna-covid-19-vaccines_4754871.html

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Now that the intensity has died down, and he likely doesn’t have to worry so much about the YouTube bastards terminating his channel…I think John is feeling a tiny bit more free to be open, in disputing the narrative approved from on high.

      The vaccines are highly suspect, for sure…and I refuse to get anymore boosters…I am decidedly not better off today, than I was before the vaccine, or getting covid several times over…What’s left a mystery, is if the vaccines or the covid have left me negatively impacted…or both of them did something to me…or if I would have been here, had neither been inflicted upon me.

      Like I said in the past…I know at least one person, relatively “young” [around 60], in very good health, who abruptly died after receiving the vaccine…There has never appeared to be any other reason for his death, than what we now know is a possible fatal effect, associated with the administration of this vaccine.

      Some people believe it’s the accidental injection into veins…Some believe the vaccine itself is damaging internal organs…

      Regardless…I do know there is something extremely wrong, about how this has all played out.

      As to Johns reluctance to abruptly say a lot, and my general understanding of his circumstance…This may surprise you, but I have felt shackled and gagged even here, on this blog, ever since I arrived on this platform…I’ve been censored and driven off major blogging platforms in the past, because of asshole moderators who decided to habitually target me.

      I’ve built up massive banks of information and resources [even on twitter, also], just to have some asshole wipe it clean from public eye, solely because “they” subjectively want to drive me off the platform.

      The problem with maintaining a presence on internet platforms…is that it is a matter of dancing around the total anarchy, inherent in the faceless, unaccountable censorship fiends, who get to decide where/when to drop the axe.

      My cornerstone [foundational?] project [https://ourlovefrontier.wordpress.com/in-self-defense-the-life-and-times-of-an-atheist-boylover-memoirs-and-ethos#top]…the original BlogSpot writings have been offline for over fifteen years…It’s disgraceful the amount of rabid censorship these writings have received…Though, admittedly, those writings represent my own ruthless ripping into society, over how it treats sex, and abuses children, pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles, who dare become sexually active…and hell, as for pedophiles, etc, for the mere “crime” of existing.

      Even thought it was largely out of my system by the time some asshole [likely Del Harvey] decided to delete my original blog…and my angry tone was destined to change…I actually have spent most of my years here in the blogosphere, knowing that I’ve had to keep things toned down, lest the ever present threat of censorship find me visiting one day, to find this blog terminated.

      That is the entirely fucked up reality of functioning in a realm, where other people own everything, and dictate who is allowed to use anything.

      I have always really badly wanted to return the original content of “In Self Defense” to the internet…but I’ve still remained on the fence about actually posting it here, for years…despite that I am now finally going through my ISD content, and processing it, getting it ready to post…

      Reality is…”ISD” is fundamentally important to me…Yet, I have grown into something substantially different since I embarked upon that original project…and bringing it here could theoretically endanger the “mecca of content”, that I have already built here.

      I know what it is like, to be so heavily invested now, that you no longer want to risk it all…This is why I’m a lot more vague when expressing things here…It’s why you’d have a hard time finding anywhere, that I directly demand the legalization of pedophilia…At most, I mention it as a potential option…or I dispute the clearly unhinged demonization of it…but I take no public stance on legalizing it.

      This has far less to do with what I want to say, and everything to do with what I can say and still remain here with a public presence.

      If I’m not mistaken…I believe Johns YouTube account existed before the pandemic…and he likely has a wealthy library of content there…which he probably did not want to risk…and like me, figures it’s better to be out here among the masses, infusing some level of good…than making a hasty charge, and being stripped of everything.

      Sorry this response has gone on so long…but I’ve been raked over the coals by the censorship assholes, a whole lot of times over the last two plus decades…I personally understand the need to refine how you say and present things, in order to avoid the malice of the shit heads.

      WordPress has remarkably left me alone, even though I dance around the edges a lot…But near as I see it…my strategy has been working…

      …And what has been my fundamental goal?…To merely build a massive body of personal writings/media/projects, as a human pedophile…and to openly maintain a presence on the mainstream internet.

      Of course, none of this is flippant, and I genuinely care about the content and issues I share here…But I mostly just want to leave behind the fifteen plus years of content I’ve been producing, openly as a pedophile…to serve as a kind of…testimony as to what this existence has been like, in this kind of a world…”case study” of one pedophiles rational and mental stability…ethics…rules…moral code…establish the commonalities with everybody else…

      Some things are just really deeply important to us, as individual humans…And I have never blamed John for proceeding gingerly, when living in a world of rabid censorship cunts.

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        One retraction:

        I cannot believe I forgot about this…but I did have a large portion of ISD hosted as a static website, on NearlyFreeSpeech…I don’t know…for two or three years…And they were upstanding. I primarily left there, because that host isn’t really designed for high traffic…and they changed their service charges…and the site wasn’t getting a lot of visits, anyway.

        I was in the strange position…where it costed me extremely little to just have the content online…but if a lot of people actually accessed it, it could drain the account funds dry, and become unavailable…and I didn’t really like that.

  2. feinmann

    “This may surprise you, but I have felt shackled and gagged even here, on this blog, ever since I arrived on this platform…I’ve been censored and driven off major blogging platforms in the past, because of asshole moderators who decided to habitually target me.”

    Yes, I can imagine your fear of losing your very valuable resource. You have mentioned this before on occasion. My forthright anti-narrative contributions here likely compound your concerns. So sorry. OLF is perhaps the only safe haven out there, aside from onion bl forums, that provides sufficient shelter from aggressive, confrontational responses, dialogue and cliques.

    Having lived a lie from age 9 due to the fear of repurcusions if ever my true sexuality (g morphing into p) was discovered, I seem to have developed an instinctive distrust of fellow man. This distrust seems to have increased my capacity to dig a little deeper for truth when confronted with a narrative that I perceive to be either a threat or a deceit.

    It is a tragedy that people have become so trusting of and obedient towards, authority and their media accomplices. I have been shouting out loud on the lethal nature of the pandemic response, and have lost so-called friends since mid-2020 as a result – I have yet to be proved wrong. Now I am shouting out about NATO’s treachery in Ukraine and their globalist proxy war. Not only that, I also have the temerity to recommend we all pay close attention to the benefits of the emerging fair world order and the consequent elimination of WEF globalism. A truth-seeker stance does me no favours, but then I am kind of enured to pariah status, given my continued persecuted and prosecuted sexuality.

    Reverting to governmental pandemic responses, this documentary discusses the topic plus the collateral damage people are suffering in the UK … https://odysee.com/@TheVoiceofReason:a/Safe-and-Effective_-A-Second-Opinion-(2022)-_-Oracle-Films-_-News-Uncut:b

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “So sorry.”

      No need for apology. 🙂

      “A truth-seeker stance does me no favours, but then I am kind of enured to pariah status, given my continued persecuted and prosecuted sexuality.”

      Fully understood…and I’m right there with you…I just try to focus my most aggressive frustration towards the more typically accepted targets…like politicians who are screwing us all over…Social sexual issues of a MAP nature, get a bit more of a “velvet hammer” approach these days, if you will.

      I don’t see this as compromising, so much as simply taking a different approach.


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