Mike Lindell Just Made His Most Shocking Election Fraud Lie Ever…

Date: September 08, 2022

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“MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is still out there claiming that election fraud is running rampant, and he now says that his “cyber guys” have found evidence of fraud in EVERY SINGLE COUNTY that they’ve looked at. And he swears they’ve looked at hundreds of counties. But, as usual, he isn’t letting anyone on earth see any of the evidence, so we just have to take his word for it. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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MyPillow CEO. Mike Lindelll is back once again, folks with an absolutely shocking, just shocking revelation about the sheer amount of voter fraud happening in the United States, which as he explains in this clip here is, is pretty much 100%. So here is Mike Lindelll with his shocking new revelations. That of course he never backs up with any evidence. Take a look.

I, I have really great news. Um, well, call it great news. Um, it’s 4%. There’s only 4% of those counties. So far that I cyber guys have looked at that are not compromised. In other words, 96% of all the counties we’ve went through already, which is hundreds of them have all been machine manipulated. And the, and this is a hundred percent evidence. So, and

So they’ve looked at hundreds of counties, folks, his cyber guys, right. Looked at hundreds of counties and almost every vote was fraud. So every vote was actually a vote for the opposite, if that’s what that means, right? So everybody who voted for Biden, their votes got flipped to Trump and everybody who voted for Trump, their Trump votes got switched to Biden. According to what he’s telling us right there. I mean, if, if you’re talking about 100% fraud, that’s what that would mean. I hope everybody understands that. And I hope everybody also understands that this man is just Teeter tottering on the brink of, in my opinion, pure insanity at this point, like, is it an act? Is he just doing this to sell pillows? There’s a good chance of that. Is he just straight up legit? Insane. I personally think that that could also be an option at this point 100% fraud.

That’s right. We looked at a hundred different count. Hundreds of counties, Inger fraud. Every dude you’ve been saying this for almost two years and not once, not one single time. Every time you come out with these, oh, we’ve found more. Could you show us anything? I know it’s all made up. I know you’re lying, but for the love of God, I have to imagine your supporters are out there saying, could you just show us anything, write a number on a piece of paper. Just be like, oh, here you go. 100. It’s right there. See it says 100. Anything that, what I just wrote is more evidence than Mike Linda, Dell has ever provided to anyone anywhere for any reason, with regard to any of this voter fraud. And the reason, what I just wrote is better evidence is because what I just wrote is real.

It’s a real number. It means nothing. It’s just a number, but Linde has nothing because what he is trying to prove doesn’t exist. And you know what else is interesting about what Mike Lindell’s been up to recently, in addition to having his cyber guys go out there and uh, find all this fraud that nobody can see except for them apparently. Um, he is according to David PackMan, our good friend, he’s been trolling, David Peckman’s Facebook page, and responding to comments and telling David that he needs prayer. Like that’s how desperate and pathetic Mike Linde has gotten. Not only does he make these big, broad claims that there’s basically a hundred percent fraud in this country, then he fails to show us any evidence any of the times he’s had the chance to. And then he’s so mad. He gets on David Pacman’s Facebook page and starts trolling the comments because he just has nothing better to do.

Apparently this is a sad, sick little guy at this point, right? I do believe in my heart of hearts, there is something wrong with him and nobody, nobody close to him is offering to help. That’s the saddest part. And that honestly, I’m not saying that to be rude or mean to him. That is a sad part of the story we’re watching this man just have these breakdowns in real time. And I have to imagine somewhere in his life, there are people that do care about him. So where are they? How are they failing as family and friends to look at this man, look at what is happening to him and say, listen, talk to me, let’s get you help because that’s what Linde needs. He needs help. He doesn’t need to be promoted by Steve Bannon on his podcast. He doesn’t need to be going on, uh, Frank’s speech or Linde TV. He needs to be sitting down with a professional and working through whatever demons are kicking around in his skull. Cuz clearly they’ve taken control of his entire personality.”


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