Trump Suffers Epic Meltdown After DOJ Appeals Special Master Ruling…

Date: September 10, 2022

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“Donald Trump suffered an absolutely prolific meltdown this week after the DOJ announced that they were appealing the ruling ordering a special master in the document investigation. Trump accused the government of wasting “millions of dollars” and of planting the evidence at Mar-a-Lago (evidence that he somehow also managed to “declassify” before it was allegedly planted.) Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


*This transcript was auto-generated. Please excuse any typos.

So on Thursday, the United States department of justice announced that. Of course, they’re going to be appealing the ruling from earlier this week by judge Alene cannon that cited with Trump and gave him permission to have a special master go through the documents that the FBI took from Mara Lago. The D DOJ waited basically until the last minute, cuz Friday, they were supposed to submit their names of the people. They would want to be the special master, uh, waited until Thursday evening and said, you know what? We’re gonna appeal it. And in their filing, they mentioned the fact that not only are they a part of the executive branch, which you know, would kind of give them the ability to see things that were executive privilege, but more importantly, they pointed out that because there were so many empty folders retrieved from Mar Lago of which they don’t know where the actual documents are.

They pointed out that the documents are likely already compromised. I mean, they could have been sold. We don’t, we don’t know they could have been sold to a foreign adversary. So your claims of privilege over anything kind of go out the door because we don’t even know who you showed these documents to. And more importantly, where some of them even are. So it doesn’t matter if we see them because it’s likely you let other people have access to them. And Trump was to say, to put it very mildly, mildly, uh, Donald Trump was absolutely furious. So he took to truth, social. And this is what he said. So now the FBI and Biden department of justice leakers are going to spend millions of dollars and vast amounts of time and energy to appeal the order on the raid of Malago document hoax by a brilliant and courageous judge, whose words of wisdom rang true throughout our nation.

Instead of fighting the record, setting corruption and crime that is taking place right before their very eyes. So he is mad that the DOJ is fighting this and says, Hey, there’s other crime in this country. Why aren’t you out there doing this? You know, I, I love that excuse by the way, like, why are you coming after me? Other people are committing crimes too. The best analogy I can give for that, by the way, um, a story I was told, uh by an elderly man, one time who said he got pulled over by a cop and the cop a and he asked the cop, by the way, like you see all these people that were like flying past me. Why did you pick me instead of them? And the cop allegedly asked the elderly, elderly, man, have you ever gone fishing? The guy said, well, yeah, cop goes, did you catch everything? And the guy goes, I see your point. See, that’s the thing. Maybe, maybe they can’t get everybody, but you also did crimes allegedly.

So they got you. So don’t worry about what’s happening out there with everybody else. Okay. There’s other fishermen out there. Okay. Just keep that analogy going. Um, those people, regardless of whatever it is, you’re talking about probably gonna be caught maybe who knows, who cares at this point? You’re the one in trouble. Let’s focus on you, but Trump didn’t stop there with his raging. Of course, it wasn’t just that, oh, you’re wasting time and money. He also, once again, accused them in a subsequent post on truth, social of planting the evidence down at Malago like they put this stuff there, even though Trump’s own lawyer, Alina Haba has already confirmed that this stuff was there. His other lawyers back in June signed a sworn affidavit, basically saying, here is everything we have, it was here. Now you have it. And then of course there’s, Trump’s other claims that he somehow declassified all of it.

So if they put it there, but you had declassified it, um, could you go ahead and tell us the winning Powerball numbers tonight? Because clearly you’re clear Voyant and you can see the future because you had the foresight to know, Hey, hold up, let me declassify these. Because in about two years, the FBI’s gonna come tomorrow Lago and plant these specific documents in my office. So I’m gonna declassify ’em now. So hahaha, we win that, that didn’t happen. Folks. That’s not a thing.”


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