Trump Accuses Fox News Of Pushing The Democratic Party’s Agenda…

Date: September 12, 2022

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“In a recent post on Truth Social, Donald Trump went off the deep end and accused Fox News of somehow helping to push the Democratic Party’s agenda. As if that claim wasn’t stupid enough, he then suggested that CNN should go full conservative to steal Fox’s audience and then CNN would make a ton of money. The man is completely off his rocker if he believes that Fox is helping the Democrats, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


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So this past weekend, Donald Trump went on a tear on truth, social, um, talking about how Fox news, of course, as we all know, has become this very Democrat liberal network, right? I mean, that’s, that’s totally, what’s happened at Fox news according to Donald Trump. So here’s what he said on truth, social. Wow. Fox news is really pushing the Democrats and the Democrat agenda gets worse every single day. So many Dems interviewed with only softball questions. Then Republican counterparts get creamed. If low ratings see it in ever went conservative, they would be an absolute gold mine and I would help them do so. Really you’d help ’em cause it seems like your own little media company of which truth. Social is a part of, um, seems like you’ve got enough problems with your own media company, not doing well. I don’t know that anybody should take your advice about anything actually.

I mean, thinking about it, there’s nothing that you should take Donald Trump’s advice about. But if you think that Fox news has gone liberal or that anything about Fox news is pushing the so-called Democrats agenda, then it may be time to turn yourself into the men and white coats and go sit in a padded room for a while because that’s the most insane thing I’ve ever heard in my life. What Trump is actually mad about is that there are some schisms in Fox news, a couple little cracks, some fissures, some craters starting to form because not everybody on the network is willing to any longer continue to blindly support Donald Trump. We have seen Steve Ducey talk about the severity of the documents that Donald Trump took from the white house. Basically laying out the case that, yeah, this is messed up. This is not good. He’s screwed up big time.

We have seen Carl Rove. You know, one of the, I don’t wanna say best Republican strategist, cuz he’s an evil bastard, but he is good at what he does. Carl. Roe’s been out there recently trashing Donald Trump on the network and they’ve just let him talk. But just because he is trashing Donald Trump doesn’t mean he’s praising the Democrats. You know, you can attack Republicans without praising the Democrats and saying that they’re the best things since slice bread. I know I do it every day. That doesn’t mean I hate the Democrats either, by the way, I want them to be better and I will criticize them until they are, which will be forever. But the Republicans, you can’t have any sign of dissent. You can have no sign of being an independent thinker. And that’s what Donald Trump off. He wants total full and complete loyalty. And if you are not willing to show that to him, like some of these people on Fox news

Now then clearly you’re liberal. It doesn’t matter that you’re pushing tax cuts for the wealthy. It doesn’t matter that you want to criminalize the transgender community or the entire LGBTQ community for that matter. It doesn’t matter that you wanna ship immigrants back to their home countries. After leaving them in cages for six months, you can do all the good little things that all the good little Republicans want you to do. But if you don’t say you love Donald Trump, then hell you might as well be up there campaigning for John Federman, right? I hope you got a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker to stick on your car. You liberal. That’s what’s happening in Trump’s mind. And the only crime that again, a few, a few of these Fox news hosts have committed is saying, wow, kind of looks like Trump broke the law.”


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