AD&D Unlimited Adventures: Selling “Mods”…


Date: September 14, 2022

Legally selling content made with this software?…

My understanding of “mods” with these types of games/software, is that they were meant to be created and freely shared among the people who legally own the base game/software. I don’t believe there was ever any intention of allowing individual users to make a financial profit.

I’d not venture this, but one “hair splitter” (provided you were good at scenarios and story telling), is the question whether legal owners of UA could pay you for your time and effort, in creating scenarios and stories for UA. I wouldn’t be shocked if the software copyright owners still tried to force you to stop. In addition, I’m not sure how large that market would be.

I’d not treat UA like RPG/Game Maker software, however.

Personally, I’ve only ever intended on playing UA content made available for free, and I kind of see paying more money as contrary to the base spirit of the software. One of the biggest draws of this type of software, is that you get to play a lot of additional content for free.

The quality may be a mixed bag, but the whole concept revolved around hobbyists being able to create and share, and having a theoretically “endless” supply of new content to play.

(I mean no shade towards anyone in what follows. It’s just that with software of this nature, created for the hobbyist, I feel the sentiment is pertinent.)

Seems a lot of people these days want to turn these things into money making ventures. What’s depressing about this, is that we already live in a world with too much content for anyone to play in a lifetime. Not to get philosophical or depressive, I just really miss the days when getting video games was simple, the options were clear and professionally complete. It wasn’t all about endlessly sucking money out of peoples pockets. Or more darkly, exploiting the addictive nature of in game purchases, service subscriptions and endless DLC expansions.

There’s a lot of great/good games out there, but I’m not the biggest fan of where the video game industry has evolved to. I couldn’t imagine trying to credibly make money in the modern video game industry. And I wish more people were involved on a hobby level, for the mere joy of the experience and craft.

I have several pieces of software for making and editing games. I guarantee everyone, if I ever stumble into making a coherent end product, it will be released absolutely free to all.

…Whether or not anyone actually wants to play it?…Well…that’s their bit of insanity to work out. 😉


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