Biden Gives Speech On Ultra MAGA…


Date: September 14, 2022

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“President Biden recently gave a speech about the dangers of extremism in our country right now. He called out Ultra MAGA specifically but specified he wasn’t talking about all or even most republicans. Naturally, the Ultra MAGA crew lost their minds reacting to this speech.”

I’d take issue with a thing or two he [telltale fireside chat] is saying here…in fact, there are a few deep divides between us, which sometimes makes me hesitant to share his content…But I like the way he is staying on the troubling issue of MAGA unhinged extremists.

Mo Lyin’ made various gaffs in that speech…and it was disastrous, in a few regards…

…It’s also an insane notion, that democrats are good, while republicans are bad…when they’re virtually the same party, in real world practice…They’re both extremely bad.

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