Connecticut Judge Sanctions Alex Jones for ‘Egregious’ and ‘Stunningly Cavalier’ Failure to Turn Over Discovery to Sandy Hook Families…


Date: September 16, 2022

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“Slamming a “stunningly cavalier attitude,” Judge Barbara Bellis kicked off Alex Jones’ Connecticut trial by sanctioning his defense from presenting evidence or arguments that he didn’t profit from Sandy Hook coverage. Read more on this story:

‘I KILLED THE CHILDREN,’ Alex Jones’ Lawyer Shouts While Imitating Client:

“I killed the children!”: Alex Jones’ lawyer Norm Pattis imitates him in court, shouting as he tells the jury they will see a video showing Jones getting fired up about his defamation cases. “When I go out on the street, people forget Adam Lanza was the killer and they think it’s me,” Pattis shouted quoting Jones.”

Was that the “no rational mind would take this serious” argument?

Lawyer for Sandy Hook Families Goes Off on Alex Jones Conspiracy Theories:

“During his opening statement, plaintiffs’ attorney Chris Mattei cited numerous conspiracy theories made popular by Alex Jones and Infowars. “Have you heard about that latest famine orchestrated by the global conspiracy that’s coming after you?” Mattei imitated Jones. “They’re intentionally doing that to kill you all.”

Forty dollar dropper bottles of beet juice?…that actually retails at four dollars a bottle?…

I knew he was a wicked con man, with a crazy audience dumber than a bag of rocks…but, damn…

It’s been known for decades that he generally does this shit, though.

Mother of Sandy Hook victim reacts to court victory against Alex Jones:

Top Moments of Alex Jones Sandy Hook Defamation Trial Day One:

“The Law&Crime Network’s Jesse Weber breaks down the top moments from day one of Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook defamation trial in Connecticut.”

Jeez…Alex didn’t even fight the case…

…What have I said, time and time again?…

…I’ll refresh your mind…

…”There is no way in hell, Alex Jones is going to stand behind his own words!”…

…And here we go…Again!


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