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“Islamophobe Hunter” Going After Ex-Muslims…


Date: September 18, 2022

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Every single belief system which attempts to sway or control public opinion, or even just personal belief, is a fair target of critique.

Everybody has a right to pick apart, everything that has been suggested to them…and especially everything that impacts their own life.

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AP Archive: News Item (72e27180-5c42-cef6-6af6-6c2e426ff4b3)…

Date: September 18, 2022

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“(14 Aug 1975) 08/14/75 c0052009 – color

no date line coffee may contain fertility ingredient, dr interviewed

cut story: “coffee” shows: three shots of two women drinking coffee: shot of two men seated at thier desk: four shots of doctor being interviewed dr schonfeld: shots of two scientists in a laboratory: cu of a woman looking into a microscope: cu of microbe: shot of a man doing likewise:

(shot xx 50ft)

women – coffee



science (ss) microscope view


xx / 50 ft / 16 mm / color / print


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“Tired sperm”, huh?…maybe they need a nap?

I wonder if anything became of this.