Muslims Harass Protest Against Death Penalty For Iranian Lesbians…


Date: September 20, 2022

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“Recently, a group of young Muslims aggressively heckled a group protesting the death sentence of Iranian LGBTQ activists Zahra Sedighi-Hamadani and Elham Chobdar in Cologne, Germany. An Instagram video posted by veteran activist Maryam Namazie showed the angry youth shouting “Allahu Akbar” as the group tried to explain their intentions. In an interview with the Atheist Republic News Team, Namazie said she was about to give a speech when the incident happened. “I was holding an ‘Allah is a Woman’ sign,” she said. It was just one of the signs the protesters were holding, while most signs in the protests supported Zahra and Elham. “They saw the sign, and that’s when they started shouting ‘Allahu Akbar,’” Namazie explained. The caption of her video reads, “Let me repeat, they were not offended by two women being executed in Iran by an Islamic regime but by a sign.” Namazie saw beyond the hateful speech by the hecklers. “They were mixing [sexes], they were dressed in the western style, they were in the public spaces, and [one was] not wearing a hijab,” she described the group of young Muslims who heckled their protest. “For me, these are young people who are stuck in these positions, who obviously want to live the life they want but are held by identity politics and culturalism,” she said. She compared the realities of the two activists they are fighting for, Zahra and Elham, to that of the hecklers. “Dogma and hate were so strong it could have warped their minds,” she said. She said there are times that she gets mad with people that are unwilling to listen to opposing opinions. But this time, she did not feel anger towards them. “I find their reaction heartbreaking; it did not anger me; I felt heartbroken,” she said.


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