2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Russian Resistance Turns VIOLENT Against Enlistment Centers…

  1. feinmann

    Comment from liuj88, and I tend to agree …


    Saagar: “We try and present the biggest, most nuanced picture here.”

    Immediately after they show clips of only the resistance to mobilization, not the suppport; and immediately before he mocks the (according to him) unchanging ways of the Russian military (his chuckling included for free, and Krystal’s giggling too!). Never mind the seriousness of the matter.

    Saagar then reports Puttin’s public admission of mistakes and assurance that those mistakes will be corrected, but Saagar assumes that this was something that he was forced to do, not something that he wanted to do. Krystal then chimes in with a variation of “that’s so terrible!”


    Again, Saagar: “Partial mobilization…. All of the military analysts that we’ve quoted in all here do not expect this to ‘turn the tide’. Maybe it will, but maybe it won’t.”

    Disingenuous, at best. How many “analysts” did you quote, and did you actually look for contrasting analyses? And the last sentence is so insultingly dumb.

    Is this the biggest, most nuanced picture? I call it something else.’

    You have more content submitted Steve.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I think they mean “nuanced” in the long picture…And yes, they agree with each other a lot.

      I like Breaking Points because they generally hit the “high points” in current global news, present it in a generally brief window of time, and they’re normally composed in a manner that doesn’t leave you thinking they’re bat shit insane.

      And yes…it is raising my eyebrow as of late, that there seems to be a second round migration of hosts from The Hill, arriving at Breaking Points…But I still appreciate the general format and presentation of Saagar and Krystal…But don’t mistake that for me believing they’re perfect, or agreeing with them on everything.

      If you’d have been on my blog ten years ago…I used to write responses in every single post I made [admittedly, leading to a far less volume of posts]…and I would pick apart what was being said, or at least respond to whatever most stood out to me…I don’t do that anymore, mostly because I’m old, tired and burned out…but if I could go back to doing that, it would change the current style of my blogging…and believe me, you’d see a lot more push back from me, on the stuff that I share.

      As it is…I mostly just toss it out there, and only respond to the most egregious things I see as wrong in the actual story being reported on [which was my main focus…what is happening on the ground inside of Russia, in response to the drafting].

      It’s news commentary…The same general types of thing happen when I share a Tucker Carlson video…and I straight up consider him to be a sack of shit, so to speak…but, if he makes a good point, I may still share one of his videos…among any number of a-holes…including one of my favorites, Jimmy Dore…He absolutely is not impartial…though, I think he’s modestly better than a lot of people.

      This video was two people offering a perspective on the current state of the war…I don’t believe I’d shared such a view yet, and found it worthwhile to throw in there.

      As a rule…my standards for fit videos does not always demand dead pan seriousness.

      I’m not exactly a Putin fan, myself…My angle in all of this, is that globalist a-holes [many here in the U.S.] have been working to sabotage and bring down any political system that is not “democratic” [or allegedly so, as they want it to mirror the bullshit in the U.S.]…To that extent, I afford legitimacy to Putin in standing up to it.

      For good or bad, there was a long standing agreement to stay the hell out of Ukraine, and those NATO/US assholes broke it…While I would argue Ukraine has a right to do what it wants, and I have a very negative view on the U.S./Russia/China throwing their weight around and manipulating other countries…I would still float some sort of legitimacy to Putin, given the circumstances in place…

      …A shitty contract is still a contract…and at least one side was working to undermine it for years.

      I am left asking why were are marred down in so fucking many wars all over the globe, where it is transparently clear that there is no national security threat…why the brazen motivation they don’t even hide anymore is national interest…and why the fuck grotesque amounts of currency are leaving the U.S., while the U.S. itself financially collapses.

      What this world needs, is a global tribunal…where the people of any country can bring their so called “leaders” [and I don’t mean just politicians]…place them on trial for war crimes, inhumanities, mass crimes against the people…and when found guilty, have them promptly shot or hung…a method filmed and broadcasted, where it’s impossible to fake a sentence being carried out.

      But getting back to the main point…I have no problem incorporating “dead pan” serious news reporting, so long as it doesn’t put me to sleep…or force me to have to watch for hours on end. [I literally do watch/read everything, before it gets posted here.]

      Breaking Points fits nicely into my format, because it’s segments are long/thoughtful enough to get deep, but short enough to avoid getting overbearing.

      I do admittedly share a lot of biased content here…like Jimmy Dore, Farron Cousins [Ring of Fire]…etc…Part of that is an intentional decision, because on average I mostly agree with their perspective on things…Which can also be said about Breaking Points…But, they do their human things to [as do I, also]…and you can find fault in all of them.


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