“The Americans have declared war on Europe”…

September 30, 2022

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Thanks to feinmann!


See also from 24:23, specifically USS Kearsarge https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/uk-column-news-28th-september-2022

Yes…it is stupid to presume Russia sabotaged its own lines.

I’m sorry to say this, but I’m afraid you’ve stumbled into a right wing loony bin, with this one.

The website “revolver”…guns…a symbol of threat, and violent aggression [if not outright murder], are a favorite symbol of the far right extremists…who are habitually threatening, more and more, to wage war against the rest of us here in the U.S…Just use their guns to murder everyone who refuses to submit to their hard core insanity…And the commentators are clearly the sorts who cheer on notions of “civil war”…

Far be it from me to deflect on behalf of Biden, or any of his merry assholes…but I would not trust that source.

The assertion [The U.S. destroyed it] is highly speculative, at best…Not that I wouldn’t put it past asshole Biden, and the assholes who are behind him…But, it’s going to take a lot of serious proof.

Wasn’t Nord Stream 2 the one planned to be built/completed?…Maybe it was Nord 4?…Weren’t they already getting fuel some other way…or am I mixing up stories in the news?…I thought things were going wrong with the main line, for some time now…and they planned on repairing it…In fact, I know I’ve heard this on the news, within the past several weeks. They were already having some sort of issue with this.

Is it beyond belief, that there may have been a mechanical malfunction?…or even some force of nature?…Are these not still on the table?

Good ol “Billy Bob” in the video isn’t really impressing me…He’s telling a logical story…but that’s all it currently is…Produce the proof substantiating this extreme claim…Otherwise, I reserve my trust and belief.

…And claiming we’ve “declared war against Europe”?…We have not declared war on Europe…He’s spouting sensationalist bullshit.

Now…tell me there are terrorists inside [or associated with] the U.S. government who did this…that is a conversation worth having…I’m far less skeptical about that possibility…

…But an actual government/country declaring war on other countries?…that is its own thing, and on a whole other level.

Whoever claimed “war has been declared” is talking out of their ass.

The second video, however, is more interesting.


6 thoughts on ““The Americans have declared war on Europe”…

  1. feinmann

    Nordstream gas pipeline potted history, status and controversy

    Nord1 began operating in 2011. Nord2 inaugurated by Germany, Russia, Holland and France in same year. In 2015, Nordstream AG discovered explosives on pipeline close to where the 2022 explosions occurred, and removed them. In 2017, Denmark refused to allow the pipeline through its territorial waters. Nordstream AG proposed new routes in 2019; the US government objected and responded by imposing a number of sanctions designed to slow Nord2 construction. Biden upheld these sanctions following his election, but relaxed them in 2021.

    In early February 2022, Biden told reporters: “Should Russian tanks and armed forces cross the border of Ukraine, there will be no Nord Stream 2, we will put an end to it.” When asked by a journalist how this should be done, Biden replied without explanation: “We can do it”.

    US and EU imposed sanctions on Russia in late February 2022; collateral damage: Gazprom and Siemens prevented from properly servicing/maintaining/reinstalling the Nord1 turbines as per agreed formal contractual obligations.

    On September 26 2022, explosives successfully detonated in several places along Nord1 and Nord2 pipelines, close to the location where explosives were found in 2015, and causing magnitude 2.3 earthquake to be registered on seismographs in Finland, Norway and in Denmark. The following day, Baltic Pipe, a Norway-Poland gas pipeline, opened. On September 28, Radoslaw Sikorski, a European Parliament member and a former Polish foreign minister, thanked the US for damaging Nord Stream. “A small thing, but so much joy,” he said on Twitter, posting a photo of the accident site to accompany the tweet and assigning it the hashtag #Nordstream. “Thank you, USA,” he said in the following tweet, with the same picture. To corroborate his statement Sikorski cited US President Joe Biden who said on February 7 that the US would bring an end to Nord Stream if Russian troops crossed the Ukrainian border.

    For information on the nature and timing of US military exercises in the vicinity of the explosions see: https://detv.us/2022/09/29/explosions-on-nord-stream-pipelines-clues-point-to-the-united-states/

    From Global Times:
    “Analysts generally believe that this attack is a special manifestation of the destructive spillover of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Who did it? No-one claimed responsibility. There have been various speculations on invernational social media, but all have no credible evidence which however has further escalated tensions among all parties concerned, and increased mutual strategic suspicion among major powers causing more problems under the secondary disaster. In any case the attack on major trans-national infrastructure for civilian use is very odious in nature. It has already created a dangerous precedent since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Such a trend cannot be indulged. Both the EU and Russia demanded the relevant agencies conduct a comprehensive investigation and publicise the findings. Since the incident occurred in the economic zones of Denmark and Sweden, at the moment, Germany, Denmark and Sweden are investigating on the cause of the accident. However, as this accident involves many countries, it is necessary to ask relevant international bodies to set up a joint investigation team so as to restore the truth, find out the perpetrators and punish them as soon as possible. This incident should be prevented from becoming a Rashamon-style one.

    Although the truth is unknown for now, one thing is certain. No matter which side pressed the button to damage Nordstream pipelines, it has dealt a heavy blow to Russia-Europe energy cooperation. The EU made great efforts to stabalise energy prices previously, but the Nordstream leaks are likely to offset these all. High representative of the EU for foreign affairs and security policy, Josep Borrel, issued a statement on Wednesday stating that any deliberate disruption of EU energy infrastructure is utterly unacceptable. As the coldest winter has followed the summer of discontent, a larger wave of corporate bankrupcies and economic recession have come to the door of Europe.

    US secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, said that sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines would be in no-one’s interests, but why have incidents that are in no-one’s interest, happen again and again. This deserves serious consideration by the international community. The ill-fated destiny of the Nordstream pipeline itself explains quite a few issues. The major mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation program between Russia and the EU has met firm opposition from the United States since day one. From repeated verbal threats to many rounds of sanctions, the US has shown its firm stance. It won’t stop until it messes up Nordstream 2. After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Nordstream 2, a cooperation project which is actually beneficial to European people’s livelihood, was on the verge of bankrupcy under the multiple pressure of hegemonism, geopolitical calculation, and security dilemmas. i.e. under US pressures. This deliberate sabotage has snuffed out the possibility of its revival. It is not difficult to feel that there is an invisible scissors cutting the ties of interest between Russia and Europe. Those who control the scissors are playing politics. When the ties of interests are cut off, Russia and Europe will be left with a tragic confrontation, and the lives of a large number of ordinary people will turn out to be the biggest victim.

    The Nordstream incident again shows that the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is not limited to the military battlefield, but has spilt over to energy, economy, food and even public opinion warfare. The incident in Bucha, the town north of Kiev, in April this year cast a heavy shadow on the truce negotiations, which were at a critical moment. Now the pipeline accident has once again compressed the room for parties involved in the conflict to reach a political settlement. More worryingly, no-one whether the planning of the next incident like the one that took place in Bucha, or the Nordstream incident is already underway. This uncertainty will be the sword of Damacles hanging over Europe, and even the entire world.”

    Wasn’t it Bush Jnr. who announced a war on terror on September 20, 2001 following the World Trade Centre bombings? I would suggest many more people will die across northern Europe this winter as a direct consequence of the gas pipeline terrorist act, than did in New York in 2001. So yes Steve, it is war, and it is long overdue wresting US monopoly of war and their continual destruction of the world around us.

    Incidentally did you check out Putin’s historic speech yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GYUG6W4hFo Amazing!

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “Polish foreign minister”…It’s possible the Polish foreign minister was talking in jest…It’s insanely stupid for a politician to do something like that…Not to imply politicians aren’t often insanely stupid…but…

      As to the optics…Yes, it looks really bad for Biden and the people who prop him up…At this point, it’s still circumstantial evidence.

      …The U.S. is a lot more than just the asshole government…or the portion of it nobody sees, and operating outside of the public control…All of the major nations have this problem…including Russia.

      “Incidentally did you check out Putin’s historic speech yesterday”…

      I may have heard something about it…but before we got too excited raining accolades on Putin, let’s remember…he Is Not our friend…In fact, he’s quite the monster towards sexual minorities, in his own right…I wrote a tiny bit about this yesterday, but at the exact moment of this response, I don’t believe I’ve posted it yet.

      So much of this is just a bunch of insane wealthy and powerful assholes [on multiple sides], dicking around with the lives of the rest of us.

      I’m not suggesting terrorists from within the U.S. did not do this thing…I am disputing that this puts “us” at war with our European allies. The people did not choose any war…and this is not “my” war…I won’t be going anywhere, in support of any war against countries in Europe.

      Lastly…How on earth does anyone justify alienating our remaining allies in Europe?…It’s suicide, to be standing alone against the world. It makes no sense that “we” would intentionally devastate our allies like this.

      1. feinmann

        “Lastly…How on earth does anyone justify alienating our remaining allies in Europe?…It’s suicide, to be standing alone against the world. It makes no sense that “we” would intentionally devastate our allies like this.”

        I don’t think you fully grasp the dynamics at play here Steve, and that is understandable given your media is overwhelmingly a government mouthpiece spouting lies and misinformation.

        If the Polish minister quote does not provide you with a revealing jig-saw puzzle piece, how about a quote from your very own Anthony Blinken: “The attack on Nordstream pipelines is a tremendous opportunity to once and for all remove the dependence on Russian energy” … Blinken’s way of saying we know that you know we did it, even the loneliest hermit living on some isolated atoll somewhere knows it, now watch us bleed Europe dry as we told you we planned to one way or another.

        Thing is, many countries outside the collective west also know it and will take this event as further proof that under no circumstances can the US be trusted. BRICS membership requests from a number of diverse countries plus diverse attendees at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, clearly demonstrate a major breaking of ties with the US. People are attracted to a winning side they can trust, so for me it is little wonder the Russia/China accords are creating so much interest outside the collective west.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        It likely is rooted in the wealthy corporations and businessmen, who were kicked out of Russia…and so took root in [or retreated into] the U.S., plotting revenge…crushing the regime and forcing their way back in.

        That’s my theory…And they can be operating from various countries, including the U.S.

        I’m not saying I think you are wrong…I’m just saying, we shouldn’t be rash.

  2. feinmann

    Interesting theory, but how can such an act be detrimental to Russia, when Russia has so many huge customers queuing up for oil and gas to their east and south? Russia can afford to turn its back on Europe in this regard.

    “I’m not saying I think you are wrong…I’m just saying, we shouldn’t be rash.” Nor should we be naive, nor should we forget just how inhumanely rapacious US foreign policy has been towards other states around the world for decades now.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “Nor should we be naive”

      Fair enough…I just see this as another major “nudge” towards full on war with Russia…

      …From a perspective of the U.S. public…this whole insanity makes no sense…We aren’t benefiting in the least, from any of this…and it poses nothing but a menacing threat.

      There are no winners in a nuclear war…and they need to stop this shit…None of these people are doing this on the peoples behalf.


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