Chris Hayes’ Audience Turns On Him For Telling Truth About Ukraine…

Date: October 01, 2022

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“In response to a question posed on Twitter about what regular citizens can do to help prevent nuclear war, MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted that a possible starting place would be by ending arms shipments to Ukraine to pressure the Zelensky government to negotiate a peace deal. And then the deluge, as Hayes’ Twitter following tore into him for promoting “appeasement,” excusing “genocide” and, of course, “pushing Russian talking points.”

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the blowback Hayes received after mistakenly expressing something approaching the truth about the Ukraine war.”

Again…It has not been established that the U.S. sabotaged Nord Stream…Until this has been substantiated, you’re just making accusations.

I’m not saying it’s not true…I’m not saying anyone can prove it’s false…But I am saying, that a lot of people are talking, and spreading a narrative with serious consequence, without actually knowing what the facts are…

…That is wrong.

They’re making a positive claim, when they clearly cannot know.


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