Cupidon 1891 – William Adolphe Bouguereau…


Date: October 02, 2022

01) LINK

This may not be the best resolution [it’s a tapestry printing company, after all]…and Cupid/Eros may look kind of like a girl…

…But this angel from William Adolphe Bouguereau, is a boy…and this piece of art has been a favorite of mine, for decades.

Holy Crap!…You can even get it printed on a face mask, for fifteen dollars!!!

…To bad I didn’t know about this before the pandemic set in!

I could have been setting fashion trends!


6 thoughts on “Cupidon 1891 – William Adolphe Bouguereau…

  1. feinmann

    Oh boy, am I a sucker (no pun intended) for such images. Seductive androgenous beauty. I still wouldn’t wear a face mask though, not from fear of what people might think – I have several polo-necks with the CLogo embroidered on them – but because I refuse to be subservient to and accepting of, the fraudulent pandemic narrative.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I wore a mask for a little while…but abandoned it relatively early…ended up getting sick a number of times over, through all of this. I just could not function with that stupid mask on.

      The last part was complete jest. 😉

      …Though I love that you have embroidered CLogos on your shirts…If they’re done well, they could probably pass for a professional company logo, in most peoples minds.

      “The Beautiful Boy” is one of my oldest sub-blogs, which has been setting on the shelf for years…largely for the exact same reason, that I was discussing about republishing “In Self Defense”.

      It might seem contradictory that I’m doing this right now, but…I need to test these waters…

      I’m not terribly worried…What gets featured is art [paintings, statues, poetry] readily available in museums and online…much of it classical…some of it on sale for immediate purchase…It’s completely legal and ethical, by all except the most extreme of standards.

      Life is an adventure…Let’s get back to living a tiny bit more…right? 🙂

  2. feinmann

    “…Though I love that you have embroidered CLogos on your shirts…If they’re done well, they could probably pass for a professional company logo, in most peoples minds.”

    Yes, they were done well. I have only been challenged once – it was in Chiang Mai at a street vendor stall, where I was queueing for satays. This young American femihag in the queue was clearly troubled by the symbol, but amusingly couldn’t recall the true meaning behind it. She demanded to know what it was, so with the sweetest of smiles on my face, I told her it was a Chinese motif representing joy, longevity, summer, love and happiness. I added that the symbol also reflected my passion for Lepidoptera. That shut her up, but still she looked concerned. Fortunately, by the time I had paid for my satays, she still hadn’t put two and two together.

    Keep on being contradictory … please.


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