Elon Musk Wants His 8 Dollars! Twitter Loses $4 MILLION Dollars Daily?!…


Date: November 05, 2022

01) LINK

“Elon Musk REALLY wants you to pay $8 for Twitter verification, and he’s shaking down his detractors by telling them he wants his 8 bucks. Then we talk about how Twitter is bleeding out $4 million EVERY DAY and how Musk used that to justify cutting loose HALF of the workforce on Friday.”

The “trust and safety” people are ground zero, for what is so wrong with twitter…They infused and enabled the disease…

…Disgraceful failures at Both Trust and Safety…Complete Dereliction of duty…Sabotage of Both Trust and Safety, really…

…So much of the “work” force at twitter, has struck me as being a bunch of self serving vultures.


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