Conservative Isn’t Sure Christians’ Persecution Complex Is Unjustified…


Date: November 06, 2022

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“This is a caller clip from The Sunday Show, presented by The Line on 05.22.22: Ricky from Florida calls in wanting to talk about Christians and their persecution complex, & whether they are wrong or not..

The Sunday Show is a call in show hosted by skeptics & atheists, and we take your calls to discuss theism, humanism, secularism, beliefs, and reasons for those beliefs. If you want to have a conversation w/ our hosts, or to expose your thoughts to the audience, give us a call! We start call screening 15mins before we go live, every Sunday at 6pm MST/ 8pm EST.
Produced & edited by:
David Archie”

The thing you have to understand, about people living in a religion which demonizes and pushes outsiders away…is that it has a powerful impact on their psyche, being isolated, hearing the same things all the time, being pressured to reaffirm bigotries…living in fear of “the other”…never being able to approach and interact with outsiders…

…Because of this, they have an extremely warped view of the world, not based in reality.

Their persecution complex springs from this…It’s a direct consequence of their lack of real world experience…and their lack of human empathy.

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