AOC accuses Elon Musk of sabotaging her Twitter account…

Date: November 08, 2022

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“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has accused Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk of sabotaging her account by blocking her mentions and notifications after the two got into another online dispute over the billionaire’s plans for the social media giant.

Elon Musk later questioned AOC’s pricing on her merchandise pieces by attaching a photo of one of the jumpers she sells and circling $58.

“My workers are union, have full healthcare + benefits like childcare help, and every one is paid a living wage. Proceeds go to community acts like tutoring underserved kids,” AOC hit back.”

Oh yes…it’s finally a problem only now, that so many famous and wealthy people are affected by changes on twitter…

…Where has all this outrage been, the past few years, as censorship became completely unhinged and indefensible?

“It’s no big deal” when “the right” people are being shat on…”They can go find somewhere else to express themselves”…”Everone can live without twitter”…

…until twitter is no longer perfectly aligned with their ideology and dogma…Then twitter is “all important” and “vital to national dialogue and national security”…

…It’s all a bunch of bullshit…from an endless line of bullshitters.

They’ll talk out of their asses, and tell us all when and where twitter is “a national lifeline”…

…Conveniently…this will only ever be when in service of their own intentions.


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