Elon Musk REKT Twitter! Comic Book Pros Most Affected?!…


Date: November 08, 2022

01) LINK

“Comic book pros claim they’re leaving Twitter in droves, because Elon Musk is just too much for them to bear. But where are they going to go? Realistically? Are they REALLY that offended by Musk, or just angry that a handful of people can’t control the platform to defame and harass their perceived “enemies.”

Tons of people who aren’t under any oppression, who objectively have no reason why they have to leave twitter, still threatening to leave twitter in mass?…

…This clearly looks like a last ditch effort, for these self absorbed control freaks to impose their will on twitter…or “punish” twitter for failing to relent to their demands…

…Threatening to leave, if other humans are allowed to use the platform…What a bunch of assholes.

Twitter is infinitely better off without them.


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