Bernie Smears Anti-War Protesters At Rally…

Date: November 11, 2022

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“Former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Nick Brana recently confronted his former employer in the middle of a rally about Bernie’s votes to fund ongoing war in Ukraine that is pushing us to the brink of thermonuclear war with Russia. Bernie’s response? To redbait and smear his own former staffer as a paid agent of Vladimir Putin. Just like Democrats used to do to smear Bernie himself!

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Nick Brana about the confrontation and Bernie Sanders’ disappointing abandonment of his own anti-war, socialist support base.”

Nick Brana has an integrity issue hanging over his own head…plus rape allegations [perhaps false, but his public response was really not good]…I don’t really like sharing media with him in it…but, this is an important subject matter.

On the flip side of things…after Nick Brana ran Bernie Sanders campaign, which got critically damaged by the sexual harassment scandal [which keeps following Nick Brana around]…I can imagine Bernie has valid reason to believe Nick was a person paid to infiltrate and bring down his presidential campaign…Whether right or wrong about that, he’d still be justified in being pissed off at Nick over his conduct as campaign manager.

Bernie is doing fucked up shit these days…That’s true…I think the circumstances remain a lot more complicated, than people are treating them.


2 thoughts on “Bernie Smears Anti-War Protesters At Rally…

  1. octaevius

    “The People’s Party”. I think that is also the name of the FREAKS in Western Canada who started their own Fascist Party here and publicly stated that they wanted to spend Trillions on a WALL between Canada and the USA. It is probably better never to post anything with them in it again. They offer nothing beyond rants and imbecilic word-sandwiches meant to kill off common-sense and truth. For what it is worth, I totally support Bernie Sanders.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I wish Bernie had ran independent…especially after being screwed by the DNC a second time.

      His presidential potential is over, at this point.

      I still love Bernie…but I’ve been really disappointed, the last few years in particular.


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