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No More Free Lunch at Twitter! Elon Musk is trying to STARVE His Workers?!…


Date: November 14, 2022

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“In an act of pure callousness, Elon musk has decided to end the free restaurant-quality meals to his hard-working labor force at Twitter, and the media is afraid they’ll starve. Oh, the humanity! Hey, we’ve heard they have pretty good tacos in Texas…”


Remember When People Were Sticking KEYS TO THEMSELVES? LOL…


Date: November 14, 2022

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“Remember when people were sticking non-magnetic keys to themselves? Somehow those same ideas are still around. Still going strong. I’m waiting on the fallout they promised but I just haven’t felt anything. Who knows how magnets work anyway though?”

To be fair…Dr. Ladapo might simply have a very open policy to talking with everybody…Maybe he’s just trying to infuse sound information in front of that audience?…

The extremely brief clip here, is not much to go on…Concerning, yes…but still woefully little.

What happened after that point of typical cordial niceties?

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Appeal[ing] a locked or suspended account…


Date: November 14, 2022

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“Fill out the form below to appeal your account being locked, suspended, or having certain features limited on Twitter. If you are attempting to submit for other Twitter support options, you’ll need to appeal your account restriction first.


Description of the problem

Tell us if you’re having a problem accessing your account, or why you don’t believe you violated the Twitter rules.”

After more than two years, it is high time you actually told me what term, rule or policy I have been penalized for allegedly violating.

You suspended my account out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason at all.

Nothing bad was going on…you simply suspended my account. Why?

Your vague links to twitter rules and terms of service tell me absolutely nothing.

Why are you habitually refusing to justify the action you took against my account? And where did I ever commit an actionable violation? Stop stonewalling…Show me where and how.

A literal ten years in absolute good standing on your platform, even personally helping to combat abuse happening on your platform, and you “thank” me with a sucker punch, permanent suspension, on my absolute first “violation” ever. You consistently refuse to answer any questions about any of this, or give me any opportunity to bring my account back into good standing.

I know for an absolute fact, the way you have mistreated me is not standard practice on your platform. I’ve been the target of abuse and harassment on your platform many times over, and I’ve seen many people like myself abused and harassed on your platform, just to witness you allowing the abusers right back, after a short twelve hour suspension, and deletion of a tweet.

Why was I never once afforded this option, when it is common practice for literally everybody else who has objectively violated your terms, rules and policies?

What you did to me, especially given that nothing wrong was even happening, is absolutely abnormal and highly suspect.

I never deserved to be suspended, for anything at all that I did on your platform.

I dispute that I ever violated any of your terms, rules or policies. You have clearly given no indication that I ever did.

I genuinely believe the action taken against my account, was done out of malice and revenge, because someone on your administration was part of, sympathizes with, and/or otherwise wishes to enable and shelter the hate group on your platform, which targets people like me. And they didn’t like that I was using the rules and system in place, to push back against the obvious and clear abuse.

I was doing literally everything right, with patience, kindness and remaining above board. If nothing else, I deserve the opportunity to bring my account back into good standing. Why are you actively denying me this?

…I’m sure they’re quite “pleased and jolly” to hear from me, again. 😉