Senator Threatens Investigation Of Elon Musk For Disrespecting Him Publicly…

Date: November 16, 2022

01) LINK

Wait a minute…Did Jimmy just suggest that twitter does nothing about “child sex abuse”?!…

…Those assholes at twitter dream up the shittiest of shitty excuses, to ban MAPs from using the platform…and we aren’t even people sexually abusing children…and Jimmy honestly thinks that “child sex abuse” exists in the open on twitter?!…

…Jesus Christ!…They don’t even allow objective discussion on “child sex abuse”, without censoring and banning people who don’t follow the script.

Pull your head out of our ass, Jimmy!

That is one of the most asinine things I have ever heard you say…and I’ve heard you say way to many asinine things.

Ignoring that…this is otherwise a good video.


4 thoughts on “Senator Threatens Investigation Of Elon Musk For Disrespecting Him Publicly…

  1. Turkish Turkiye

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  2. Turkish Turkiye

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    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Look guy…These rants of yours have nothing to do with the post you’re responding to…

      Further…instinct and common sense tell me that yahweh is almost certainly a fraud, as well.

      Fundamentalist religious Jews are not all innocent, either.

      This is the last comment from you of this sort, that I am going to approve.

      One of my clarified blog rules, is that commentators try to stay on topic…You don’t much appear to be even trying…and the sound value of what you are posting is questionable, at best.

      We don’t need blind hate.

      You’re posts are not coherent…but that’s what they seem to be…blind hate.


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