The Controversial Missing Children Milk Carton Program…


Date: November 16, 2022

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I remember when this started…It really psychologically spooked the population…Gave many people a grossly false perspective on child sexual assault.

It was typical for people to think, “all these kids were taken, so that some pervert can rape and murder them”…and “the authorities” did little to dissuade this panic.

On a personal note…I was in my early teens at the time…and this was just one example of the lifelong indoctrination I lived under, imposing on me “just how inhuman and dangerous my sexuality is”…

…It’s extremely hard to look at these initiatives in a positive light, given how negatively they impacted on my own psyche.

I consciously stop myself from calling these programs “evil”…but being entirely honest…that is how I experienced them…They were an evil attack on my own mental stability…on my humanity, and my right to exist…And they were just one out of many…

Of course…this comes back to what many of us have been saying for decades, about the loose intermingling of social problems and social issues…It distorts the facts, and makes accurate understanding impossible…and there are many individuals and groups out there, standing ready to exploit the misinformation for their own ends.

I don’t disagree that there has been some good to come out of the milk cartons [even if only one case], or Amber Alert…But most people do not have a clear understanding, of what is wrong with these programs…or why so many of us do not like the way in which they have been implemented.


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