House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Announces She Will Step Down As Democratic Leader…

Date: November 17, 2022

01) LINK

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she will not run for re-election after leading House Democrats for two decades. NBC News’ Allie Raffa reports.”

Yeah…did they not just lose the house to the repulsicans?…Maybe that’s still up in the air, I’m not sure…but it seems the repulsicans are going to take the “razor thin” majority in the house…So, Joe Masochin and Krusty Enema don’t have to work as endless dead weight, constantly stopping things good for the people from happening…Now, they can cast meaningless votes and let repulsicans kill the bills…Surely, this will be a boon to their public persona…Fuckers…

Well…how about that!…The old hag has stepped down, and wont seek re-election?…Does this just mean as a demonrat leader…or is she leaving altogether?

Fuck You, Nasty Baloney!

It took your fucking shit leadership losing the house, plus your husband nearly being murdered while the attacker was aiming for you, to get you to finally go away?



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