Let’s talk about the frontal cortex…


Date: November 21, 2022

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“A commenter referenced this video and asked if Robert Sapolsky has been debunked?


Yeah, Robert Sapolsky has been debunked.”

I realize this is a bit of a tangent…but “experts” and “activists” have been pushing ideas on brain development, and brain injury, as relates to sexual activity…It’s fairly old at this point.

They’ve been trying to convincingly argue, that small/young humans exposed to sexual stimulation prior to a specific biological age [which curiously aligns with the voted on laws of the legal jurisdiction], automatically, or even just typically, causes some sort of biological trauma or abnormality in development…A “chemical injury”, if you will…

…That has always seemed highly weird and suspect to me…because childhood is an experience jam packed with stimulation of the senses, and seeking of pleasure…That is the natural human state of childhood…Yet, nearly everything else not sexual [but still completely natural to the body] gets a pass…It is this one path to stimulation and pleasure, that gets targeted and forbade…Somehow, despite releasing the same pleasure chemicals as various other socially acceptable activities…the activities of any sexual nature are dictated as “causing injury”…despite no established clear path to this “injury”…

…If this “injury and trauma” is so dire in consequence…then why aren’t we legally forbidding a much wider grocery list of activities, which release natural chemicals into the body?…Doesn’t it all result in the same end?

It seems to me…if this were at all serious…it would not matter how the alleged “exposure to injurious chemicals” occurred.

Reality is…this all comes down to social control, and forcing everybody to live the same, within a rigid and unforgiving social structure…

…This exact practice of “here be dragons”, is the literal recycling of “sex leads to madness”, which dominated the dark ages in particular, and a few other eras in human history…

…A certain subset of the population, simply will not let this obvious mythical folly go.

My expectation…is that this one thing, is far to valuable of a tool in social control and manipulation, for them to abandon it…They’ve been much to successful with it in the past…They expect to be completely successful with it in the future.

I’m not convinced that most people cannot see through the deception…I think that most people don’t feel personally invested, and thus don’t care…While those who want social norms to be as they currently are, don’t care about honest integrity, because “the end justifies the means”, supposedly.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the frontal cortex…

  1. JSM

    At no point in this presentation from yet another expert we are supposed to believe did I see any quantitative research evidence to support his pet theory. He needs to be debunked. Someone will probably step up to the plate to do just that before too long.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Not entirely sure if you’re talking about Eivind, or who he’s talking about…I originally responded, as if you were talking about Eivind.

      Robert Sapolsky, maybe?…He’s honestly quite amazing…I feature a number of his university lectures here…but, alas…he is human, and fallible.

      You are correct…This is lacking actual research findings.

      That is opinion from someone in a movement, peripherally “related” with the MAP movement…or, at least some common ground exists.

      I wasn’t entirely sure where to put this, in regard to post series…but, it’s speech and discussion I can support the expression of.

      It’s very important, that people are seen publicly talking about human sexuality, among other taboo issues.

      I’m not quite so concerned about everyone having research study papers. 🙂

      Most of us are not experts in these issues…we’re simply people with life experiences, who are openly talking about them.

      To be honest…collectively, I think we are far more powerful, than any “authoritative” body…Research is vital…but it is never “the” element which actually drives the social change.

      1. JSM

        I was talking about Sapolsky. I don’t rely on scientific evidence greatly either and I have a science degree! Societal change is mainly driven by political factors because if it was driven by science there would be many more MAPs around 🙂

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