NEW! MyMidtermElectionConspiracy (TM) From The Maker Of MyPillow…


Date: November 21, 2022

01) LINK

“Mike “the pillow guy” Lindell, maker of MyPillow, is at it again. He’s created an all new election conspiracy for the midterm season. Sadly for him, it isn’t selling as well as his terrible pillow. Maybe there is hope for the USA after all.

As a side note if you’re interested in a custom pillow that isn’t steeped in religious nonsense- Coop Home Goods makes a great one. They aren’t a sponsor. I just really want to do my part to help Mike fail in all his America hating ventures.”

Oh, heck…I’ll buy the five dollar pillow at the Dollar General, before giving Mike Pillow any business.

…The guy is a habitual liar, and an enemy of the people.

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