Plot Generator: Gregory DeVito’s Diary…


Date: November 21, 2022

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Gregory DeVito’s Diary
A Lesbian Novel
by Writer Unknown

The night of the wedding changes everything for Gregory DeVito, a 124-year-old hairdresser from New York.

One moment, he is discussing eyebrows with his understanding husband, Jack Fish; the next, watching with horror as cowardly witches mug each other.

He knows these witches came from San Francisco but he can’t prove it – at least not without some tiny flamingos.

The hilarious, hopeful man knows that his contented life is over. He acquires some tiny flamingos and is reborn as the hero who will save the world from cowardly witches.

However, when one of the cowardly witches bites off Gregory’s abs with crippling effect, it looks like his quest is over.

Without abs, will Gregory DeVito be able to save the day?


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