WB Wants More Harry Potter Movies, Not Fantastic Beasts…


Date: November 22, 2022

01) LINK

“Viewer Question:
Box Office Fan – WB meeting has ended and some news like wb still owning the lord of the rings theatre rights but the news many are talking about is Zaslav says it’s been 13 years since our last harry potter main film and he is ready to return to the wizarding world again calling out Rowling telling her he is ready to make another film! We know the original harry potter director really wants to make another one also. Will Harry potter and his kids return, or will Rowling say no thanks and what does this mean for the fantastic beasts films? “

Sounding like Fantastic Beasts is dead…which was predictable…Even the first movie was weak…I haven’t seen most of the rest of it, however…Maybe eventually I will.


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