Leftist Permanently Banned From Twitter For JOKE!…

Date: November 24, 2022

01) LINK

Again…Notice how they actually singled out a tweet, when showing the banned individual where they “violated” terms, rules or policies?

They are supposed to do this…This is normal behavior, so that the banned can figure out why they were banned.

It is abnormal for anyone to get a permanent suspension [or account termination], over a first time offense…unless somebody positioned to inflict the penalty walked into this, with predetermined intent to banish you.

…I’ve seen some really awful things, twitter has been perfectly willing to take a light handed approach towards…many times over…And I’ve seen some really awful things, twitter refuses to take any action on at all…despite that they clearly violate terms, rules and policies.

Twitter refuses to enforce it’s own terms, rules and policies, equally across the board…Twitter refuses to protect anyone from abuse, who they deem an “unprotected” group.

Twitter openly chooses to allow and host dehumanizing hate speech, slurs and libel, against any legal, peaceful group of human beings, which it dictates are “unworthy” of empathy, or even just the most basic of anti-defamation protection.

With twitter, it is all a game of who’s team you are on.

Given that so many “trust and safety” twitter moderators are firmly in the “woke” camp…they side with, and act as the instrument of retaliation for, the people who abuse and defame on ideological “woke” grounds.

…Who even knows how many permanently banned people are out here, for whom their ban was transparently unjust.

They simply inflict it, and sweep it under the carpet…no accountability whatsoever.

…Then twitter has the gall to publicly boast about being “human rights and free speech” champions.

A lot of people [and growing numbers] know the ugly reality.


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