Old Testament Scholar Flattens Ken Ham’s Foundation (feat. Dr Joel Anderson)…


Date: December 02, 2022

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“Our examination of the “Evolution Exposed” all-star creationist six-hour epic seminar with Ray Comfort and 10 other well-known prominent anti-evolution speakers. This time, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis tells us about his ultimate foundation for truth… the historicity of Genesis chapters 1-11.

Dr Joel Edmund Anderson brings his expertise in cultural relevance and understanding of the Old Testament to see if the early Hebrews and first Christians would have understood it this way.

Dr Joel Edmund Anderson

One major problem with explaining “the scriptures”, is that so many people making attempts don’t even understand it themselves.

They quote passages which have absolutely nothing to do with modern times and events, trying to shoehorn them into some sort of dictation.

All they are doing, is exploiting “the scriptures” to bolster their own bias and bigotries.

Commonly, even people with limited knowledge can expose these shysters, if they’re wiling to put some time and effort into reading, comprehending and learning.

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