The View Hits A NEW LOW Discussing Balenciaga…

Date: December 02, 2022

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“If there’s a hot button issue everyone’s talking about, you can be sure that the hosts of The View will weigh in, and inevitably the result will be cringe-inducing. The latest example? The kerfuffle over the recent BDSM-themed teddy bear ad campaign by fashion house Balenciaga. The View’s hosts either tried to connect Donald Trump to the controversy or focused more on their opinions of the latest Balenciaga line than on the offending advertisements.

Jimmy and The Convo Couch’s Craig “Pasta” Jardula lament the pathetic display routinely put on by the hosts of The View and wonder why networks can’t come up with anything better for their daytime viewers.”

Actually…this is much ado about nothing…

…Society should change…and radically…

This video is just a bunch of loud sqwaking, the likes of which we see all the time…It means, they’ve hit on something important…and the witch hunters don’t like it.

I’m amused that The View didn’t lose its mind over this…and Reverend Jimmy is losing his mind, over that

…Just like the woke…”Look at those people!…They’re not outraged and angry enough!”…

…Yeah…Twist their arms and shame them, Reverend Jimmy…till they bend to your will, and behave like your own, good little drones.


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