“Performative Rage” – Psychologist Interview Re: P***philia…


Date: December 05, 2022

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“Hi Horses, I’m interviewing psychologist David Ley, Ph.D., about peformative online rage over pedophilia.


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2 thoughts on ““Performative Rage” – Psychologist Interview Re: P***philia…

  1. GK

    Wow, so much to unpack. Glad to see that they are at least admitting that most kids are “molested” by non pedos, but the entire jargon is biased. Child Sex Abuse Material for instance, just assumes that sexual activity is abusive. Child porn is probably a lot more realistic in that it’s porn, featuring minors, but CSAM is more discriminatory. The same thing goes for any time somebody is arrested for sex with a minor. It’s always described as “rape” since legally it’s statutory rape, no matter the level of consent by all parties.

    And the number of people attracted to minors is most likely far higher than the stated statistics. When you consider the anti’s assume anyone under 18 is a minor, a huge number of people are attracted to underage partners and I know a lot of men who are attracted to “jailbait” because they know I am. They wouldn’t dare admit that to a wife or gf, but when they think they are safe, they are very attracted.

    That also goes for even younger participants. A good buddy of mine knows about my preferences and he’s admitted to fantasies with young girls and incest. The world is a lot more diverse and exciting but psychology still tries to exclude everyone that isn’t plain vanilla. If you ever check out websites like fetlife.com, there are a lot of people into a lot of things. A large number of people are also interested in “younger” and “taboo” and it’s good to know that you aren’t alone, but the legal situation is still in the dark ages.

    Which is why sites like this are so important.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Hi GK!

      Unfortunately, I fell asleep shortly into listening to this, and didn’t realize I’d already posted it…I saw smaller clips on FreeSpeechTube, and it seemed like it was going in a decent direction.

      Of course, not everything that I post here is all “sunshine and rainbows”…and that’s why I chose to post it in the TAP-Net series.

      Also, if I remember correct, “MrGirl” has had a history of pushing back against mainstream talking points attacking pedophilia and human sexuality.

      The term “CSAM” is very distasteful in my book, and I refuse to use it myself…But it is the current trend, so it’s no shock that it keeps surfacing as propaganda…Most people don’t really know this topic coherently, so I just expect the regurgitation of CSAM anymore.

      I’ve not heard of fetlife…Thank you for the heads up. I have had a history of wandering around incest, swingers and zoophile [in addition to “pedophile”] forums, though…So, I know there is a large population, that loves at least the concept of incest, orgies [partner swapping], pedophilia and “bestiality”.


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