Evidence or Faith…


Date: January 01, 2023

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“I had to address this video from a couple years ago, where these apologists are still trying to pretend as if evolution doesn’t have evidence and has to reply on faith just like religion; another attempt to create an illusion of false equivalence between fact and fantasy.”

I would be hard pressed to competently define what an amoeba even is at this point in my life…I’d have to look it up…

The amoeba was covered in science [or what they passed off as “science”]…once, during a twelve year block of “education”…then never returned to…Barely even relevant instruction, if you ask me…

…And, of course…evolution was presented in the most lazy, dishonest way imaginable…As I recall it…they more lied by omission, than stated outright wrong facts…They just refused to give you an accurate understanding, of the fundamentals of evolution…and then mocked and disputed it, because it contradicted the bible [as if that was ever a good baseline standard for integrity, or historical and scientific fact].

The thing that initially drove me out of the church, was the overbearing manipulation…all the lying they did to you, by way of relentless propaganda…getting into your head, and enslaving your mind to their own intent…

…It is hard being an isolated homosexual, in an all cocooning environment like that…

…If you somehow think that getting into my head, and leading me to years of suicidal thoughts as a teenager had no logical impact on me…you are grossly naive…It was my absolute life…It was everything, existing under threat…There was no choice…I had to leave…or die…whether that meant living a dead life, or literal death.


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