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YouTube Won’t Let You SWEAR Anymore?! Creators DEMONETIZED by New YouTube Rules!…


Date: January 02, 2023

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“YouTube creators are furious about a new set of rules that will now demonetize any video that has swearing in the first 8 to 15 seconds, among other things, including game violence and drug use. MoistCr1TiKaL claims his YouTube channel was “hit extremely hard” by this no-swearing policy, and other chime in that they have been hit as well.”

YouStooged censors discussion of social and personal issues…They terminate accounts over talking about life.

Honestly, though…I think the “content creation career” of YouStooged should crash and burn…for the most part.

It’s been an awful evolution on the platform.

Kneon is correct…It’s the pay model, and its bitching advertisers, which has brought in this insane, endless progression of censorship.

It’s quite something, watching this level of censorship imposed on the rest of the user base…

…Still nothing anywhere near as bad, as what YouStooged does to stigmatized minorities.



Andrew Doyle & TRIGGERnometry DESTROY 2022…


Date: January 02, 2023

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“Andrew Doyle is a comedian, broadcaster and friend of the show. He joins Konstantin and Francis for a look back at the craziness that was 2022.”

“This [gender declaration] law will result in some sexual assaults”…

…The whole thing about shackling peoples rights to however you presume ill doers will exploit the newly legalized right…is that it’s massively unjust and fucked up…

You are penalizing people who are not sexual predators, on the basis that You dictate that sexual predators are going to masquerade as “those people”…

…You are punishing people for actions they have never done, and never would do…

…You are literally throwing a legal prohibition onto innocent people, based on your anticipation of the actions of wholly separate people, who exist entirely outside the control of the people you are penalizing…and who hold their own, separate set of ideas and values.

…That is indefensible…It’s completely fucked up.

There is no valid reason for someone to be denied a right, when they’ve objectively done nothing wrong.

The “collateral damage” argument being put forward, is nothing more than stonewalling…It’s the same old bullshit, governments do as a matter of daily course.

And as to the “group fighting for pedophilic interests”…Good!…They should!…Any legitimate organization would do exactly that. What exists now is not working…it is treacherous…and there must come sweeping social change. It is time for a public face, and a public fight.

It is time to put down for good, the vicious social abuses faced by MAPs and other social groups.

“Tropes that yolked gay people with pedophiles”?…

You do understand that being gay and being pedophilic are not mutually exclusive…right?

Some gay people are also pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles…In fact, what gay people usually get the most heat over, is the heavy hebephilic and ephebophilic attractions and expressions in the community.

It exists…Stop with the denial…Maybe Andrew likes old dudes…and wonderful for him…there is nothing wrong with that…but a ton of gay people love teens and people going through puberty…And alas…there is also an element of pedophilia among gays…just like it exists among heterosexuals…

This Is Because Pedophilia, Hebephilia And Ephebophilia Are A Human Thing, Existing Everywhere Among All People.

…End the stupid fucking denial!…Own what you are, and don’t apologize for it.

Re: How you racially identify…

I have relatively recent ancestry [one of my great grandparents], who directly came out of a specific Native American reservation [which I am not going to identify]…and if I choose, I can legally identify as being from that combined nation…I can honestly call myself Native American Indian.

Mind you…I also have German and British [and possibly something else] ancestry…and the Native American constitutes a smaller percentage of my biological makeup…

…And, of course…they say we all ultimately came out of Africa, if you trace our lineage back far enough…

I’m not taking issue with anything said in this interview, about this issue…I just think it’s a good topic of discussion…and I would say…so long as you are not unfairly exploiting your heritage, or using it to diminish others [IE: exploiting a social program, meant to help groups in real need, when you don’t really need it for yourself]…it is fair to identify as whatever you can legitimately trace your own roots back to.

Again…this might be a mix of races and nationalities.

Re: Twitter…

When twitter lifts the suspension of my account, and that of all MAPs who have been unjustly suspended or banned…only then will I recognize twitter as having addressed the tyrannical censorship abuses of it’s past.

Until then…in my eyes…twitter has not done shit, to rectify this situation.

Re: The “I feel unsafe” tactic of censorship…

…Yes…this is a bullshit, authoritarian tactic…It was being used by a-hole authoritarian teens on twitter, trying to set the stage for expulsion of MAPs on the platform.

It is a cowardly, dishonest thing, done by people who have no justification in getting what they want to happen.

They had all the tools at their disposal, to block and ignore MAPs…but, no…they had to find and chronically invade MAP hashtags, constantly antagonizing, insulting and threatening MAPs…all the while claiming to be “scared that MAPs were interacting/intermingling with them”.

They were the aggressors, who spent roughly a year constructing this transparently disingenuous lie of theirs.

The biggest problem with twitter, is all the fucking a-hole authoritarians on the platform, who are constantly hunting for people to screw over…And when they find any socially stigmatized group, they pounce and inflict as much damage as they can.

It is unbelievable how they expect to be treated like heroes for it, when They Are The Problem With Society.



What I Learned By Being Targeted & Banned On Twitter – Stanford Prof. Jay Bhattacharya…

Date: January 02, 2023

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“Thanks to the recent Twitter Files revelations, Stanford Professor Jay Bhattacharya discovered his suspicions – that he had been shadow banned and otherwise sidelined on the platform – were true. In this interview with Jimmy Dore, Dr. Bhattacharya discusses the experience of being a scientist and academic thrust into the midst of a fiercely political debate over public policy where private interests and government censorship take precedence over science.”