CAUGHT! Dem Congressman DEMANDED Twitter Ban Journalists! w/Matt Taibbi…

Date: January 05, 2023

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“During the Trump impeachment proceedings, Democratic Congressman and Chair of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff talked a good game about “American values” and the like, but when he decided he didn’t like certain journalists and tried to get them banned from social media outlets, well, maybe that whole “freedom of the press” thing wasn’t quite so important after all. In the latest Twitter Files dump, journalist Matt Taibbi reveals the efforts Schiff made to silence journalists who were a bit too “oppositional.”

Guest host Aaron Maté and Taibbi discuss the journalists targeted by Schiff and how Twitter responded to the demands.”

“The government has gotten more aggressive, and we’re not going to be able to say ‘No’ anymore”…

It’s been clear for a long time, that something really off, really bad had happened behind the scenes at twitter.

After years of relatively fair treatment, twitter abruptly betrayed everything about free speech, and went on a rabid purge against any “wrong think” person or group they could find on the platform.

Aside from stopping you from expressing your free speech on their platform [and that of the several others, who share a black list], they did not even care to hide the complete injustice, of what they had done to you…They just went all in, complete fascist…and made you disappear.

I keep thinking to myself…regardless of the fact that I’ve been around out here for over twenty year…I still cannot possibly be big enough to warrant government targeting…But then I see stuff like this…And I know the governments past, with the hostile targeting of liberals, and people who think humans should have rights…

…and a politician or agency a-hole marking my account for permanent suspension starts to make sense, given the suspect nature of it all…and twitters absolute refusal to answer any questions.

…But then, it could be as simple as a twitter a-hole merely seizing the moment during rapid change, and tossing my account on the pyre while “nobody” is watching.


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