Dungeons & Dragons Creator and OSR Fans ATTACKED by PBS News Hour?!…


Date: January 05, 2023

01) LINK

“DnD is coming under attack by the media AGAIN… but this time they’re taking aim directly at creator Gary Gygax, and blaming him for the alleged racism that’s “baked into” Dungeons & Dragons. And it’s not coming from a Polygon or Kotuku this time. It’s PBS News Hour. Not content to just thrash Gygax, PBS proceeds to slam OSR fans, claiming that they’re gatekeeping the hobby from “diverse” people. What the actual hell…”

…”All monsters being racist”?!…

Do we honestly have to point out the elephant in the room…that all human races are already represented within the D&D human species?

Blacks…whites…oriental…indian…you name it…it was already there…

Are we to believe, for example [as has already been claimed by the ignorant], that orcs represent black humans, when black humans already had a dignified representation in D&D games within the human race?…

…Or are these nitwits trying to argue, that fictional races have been the “victims of racism”, by being given “undesirable” physical and character traits?

If the later is true…I’d question who the actual racists are, here…That sounds like a textbook racist take, if you ask me.



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