Elected Liar George Santos: Collection 1…

Date: January 05, 2023

01) George Santos faces formal complaint demanding ethics investigation

“Embattled Long Island Congressman-elect George Santos arrived in Washington to take the oath of office Tuesday, but he faced a new threat — a formal complaint demanding a House ethics investigation of his campaign. CBS2 political reporter Marcia Kramer has the latest.”

02) ‘Total fraud’: New Dem leader links lying Santos to ‘MAGA GOP…divorced from realty’

“Incoming leader of House Democrats, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries joins “The Beat” hours before taking his oath. In a wide ranging interview, Jeffries blasts George Santos saying “it’s not clear to me that he is simply an exception in the modern-day Republican Party, which has been taken over by extreme MAGA Republicans.” Jeffries talks about working across the aisle and praises the “iconic, heroic, and legendary” Speaker Pelosi.”

03) George Santos’s Lies Should Disqualify Him From Office

“The House of Representatives adjourned for the day without electing Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, while new Congressman George Santos has told so many lies that he shouldn’t be sworn into office.”

04) Rep.-Elect George Santos Almost Misses Call for Speaker Vote

Does he not recognize his own name?

05) A Definitely True Message From George Santos [comedy/mockery]

“George Santos is a multi-hyphenate: congressman and the face of Quaker Oats.”


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