Elected Liar George Santos: Collection 2…

Date: January 05, 2023

01) Tulsi Gabbard grills Santos over his admitted lies on Fox. See his response

“Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard asked GOP Rep.-elect. George Santos about his admitted lies regarding parts of his resume on Fox News.”

02) George Santos does not appear to have office for staff in district

“Constituents in New York’s Third Congressional District do not appear to have any way to contact their new representative, George Santos.”

03) New York Rep.-elect George Santos facing federal probe

“Dozens of constituents held a demonstration Thursday, calling on Rep.-elect George Santos of New York to resign after he admitted to lying about his background. Federal prosecutors are now looking into his finances and financial disclosures, a source familiar with the matter told CBS News. Scott MacFarlane has more details.”

04) Sources: Federal prosecutors looking into George Santos’ wealth

“Federal prosecutors have started looking into public filings by Congressman-elect George Santos, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.”

05) Congressman-elect George Santos faces scrutiny over falsehoods about his life

“The latest on the future of embattled Congressman-elect George Santos as he avoided reporters’ questions during the first day of voting for speaker of the House”

Series of Lies Prove that Congressman-Elect is a Real Politician – George Santos Case Analysis:

“This video answers the question: Can I analyze case of George Santos?”

So…This guy lies his ass off, to get where he is currently at [elected to office]…

…We don’t know where the money came from, that pushed him this far…

…I don’t know the politician he deposed, but how can that guy be any worse than “George”?…a pathological liar?…Plus, he dragged that seat and it’s vote to the repulsican party.

…Do we even know what “George” has said, that is verifiable honest and true?…Is “George Santos” even his real name?…

…Who is this guy?…Who is behind him?…and when are they going to expel/recall him?

If the repuslican party had any integrity whatsoever, they’d have already sent him home.

This guy should never be allowed to have that kind of power…It’s just flaunting in the face of everyone, what’s so fucked up about Washington DC…They lie to your face while begging for your vote…then arrive in government prepared to betray everyone, and do whatever they please.

Is anyone going to do anything about this?…Or are they just going to seat him, and let him start casting votes and writing bills?

This is a case we must keep our eyes on…It will show us whether the U.S. government even cares to outwardly pretend that it has integrity…Or if they’re letting it all hang out, and showing us they don’t care what we want or think.


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