Limited Run Games DESTROYED by BronyCon Founder?! LRG FIRED an Employee Over a 2016 Tweet!…


Date: January 08, 2023

01) LINK

“Limited Run Games has effectively destroyed its credibility with gamers by publicly firing their female community manager over following the “wrong” accounts on Twitter, including Gina Carano and Libs of TikTok. And the WORST crime? Publicly saying she was looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy. Who got her cancelled? None other than Purple Tinker, the controversial founder of BronyCon who has a lengthy history of rage and harassment, and admits to being “a bully.” Was it worth it, LRG?”

Wait a minute…

…This [a game developer killing himself, while a publisher continues on to publish his game] makes the third, entirely unique claim over “what started gamergate”.

I thought gamergate was about dishonest and biased game reporters and critics…and it got initially exposed, when a game developer had sex with a game reporter…while said reporter was reporting on their new game.

A second claim emerged after that, that gamergate was all about misogyny, and abusive gamers [especially in MMO and multiplayer games].

All of these may be fair criticisms and real problems…but I got introduced to gamergate via the “sex scandal” one…

To be entirely honest…I ended up with a gut sense, that there may have been a bit of “tit for tat” going on…and abusive gamers may have just been a convenient issue, to throw back into the faces of people complaining about corrupt game reporters…It is of note, the abusive gamers angle was being pushed hard by game reporters.

But the two claims on “what gamergate is”, were very different…And here we have another one.



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