Canada To Legalize Euthanasia For “Mature Minors”…

Date: January 10, 2023

01) LINK

“In this video I discuss Canada’s ever expanding Euthanasia policy that now may be expanded to what the nation refers to as “Mature Minors”

Without any intention, I’ve somehow found myself in what feels like the right wing, authoritarian part of YouStooged again…

I’m not familiar with this guy, and hence have developed no sense of reliability in their outlook and words…

To be completely honest, I’ve seen a few references to “Canada aggressively euthanizing people”…was a bit curious, but highly suspected that it was hyperbole, intended to further the aspirations of the authoritarian right.

I remain unconvinced, that this is not the case…and I do not vouch for the validity of the claims being made.

I think this is worth a listen, even if just for understanding what’s being claimed.

Of course…I am a strong advocate of Death with Dignity…But disposing of “undesirables” is not part of that movement…at all.

The question of where death with dignity is appropriate with children and adolescents, is a very difficult question…

I know there can be [in my opinion] extremely ridiculous and unnecessary reasons, for people to seek and receive euthanasia…At the same time, I struggle with the idea that “I” have any right to demand that others persist on in their own life.

I simply have no personal right to demand of you, that you keep living…I don’t have a right, to anyone else being alive…And regardless of your rational in maybe ending your life…I don’t know exactly what your experience in daily life is…I don’t know all the ways you suffer…or what keeps life worth the struggle, in your mind.

It’s not about what I want…It’s just entirely possible, that some people might be better off dead than languishing on…and maybe they should have that choice.

I get really disgusted, when seeing outsiders attempt intertwining this with the “sexual consent” issue…as if MAPs are looking to exploit the deaths of children, teens and adults, “just so they can shag a kid”…And to those sorts I say, Fuck You! These are two entirely separate issues..and I would never trade other peoples lives, for my own sex life.

Plus…in case you have not noticed…it is the state that has been pushing this…and states tend to be outright treacherous towards MAPs…States are not trying to pave a way, towards sexual freedom for children, teens and MAPs…On the contrary…States, by their actions, are clearly hell bent on making the lives of MAPs as miserable as possible.

It is laughable and sick, for anyone to suggest that the state is going to start killing children, in attempts of working up to handing children over to us for sex.

If you believe that…you clearly have no clue, of what is objectively going on in this world.

Far less controversial [and I think rightfully so]…administering drugs which hasten death, while someone of any age is on their death bed [or even just anywhere, suffering with an immediately mortal, untreatable condition], sparing them of minutes or hours of struggling to breathe and survive…that is an ethical and humane thing to do.

I don’t believe this should ever be pushed onto anyone, who is capable of surviving…I also think that anyone considering willingly doing it, should understand the finality of it all.


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