Christian Nationalists are Preparing for War: a Conversation with Brad Onishi…


Date: January 12, 2023

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“Professor Bradley Onishi is co-host of the Straight White American Jesus podcast and author of the new book, “Preparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism – and What Comes Next.”


This is an accurate way of describing how I was raised as a child, and into adulthood.

The things being described here…I experienced those, like they are represented.

This is an accurate and fair accounting.

Yes…Yes…Reformed christianity does exist…with gays, lesbians and other minorities forming their own christian churches…and they allow people to come and go at will, without judgement…Those are more “This is a place for you. Take and fellowship as you need.” kinds of places and groups.

Christian nationalism and christian terrorism, is not an issue with that segment of christianity…and generally, they’re a pretty positive presence in society…

…While they still have their issues…they are not the groups we’re talking about, when we discuss the very real threats of christian nationalism.

These two groups exist in the same world…but they are not the same thing.

…We need to not allow confusion, to blind us towards the violent threat that’s been staring us down.

This has never been hyperbole…The threat is there…It’s just that most people have not seen or lived it, first hand…Hence, to them…in their mind, “it’s not real”.

The premise has never been that all self identified christians are on board with this…

…The premise is that there exists hard core, self identified christian organizations, who are isolationist in nature, who have a victim complex, who are very hostile towards other social demographics, who condition their children to believe inaccurate things and accordingly behave certain ways, who tell themselves they are constantly under attack…and who foster a violent rage against everyone they claim is attacking them.

Their rage and intolerance has been boiling under the surface for decades…They outwardly talk about these things, in their groups and media…They have for as far back as I can remember…And this is why I am not shocked, at the disgraceful mess U.S. politics currently are, or the growing mass violence perpetuated by them…

…This has all been there, clearly in front of us…to be seen by those willing to look at it, and call it for what it is.

Remaining with our heads in the sand only keeps us in peril.


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