Congressman George Santos resists growing pressure to resign: Collection 3…

Date: January 12, 2023

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“There are growing calls from members of his own party for newly elected Republican Congressman George Santos to resign over the false claims he made about his background. His campaign funding is also under scrutiny. CBS News congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane joins Errol Barnett and Lana Zak with more on the reaction.”

Good on those standing up to this fraud, regardless of what party they are in.

Republicans call on Rep. George Santos to resign:

“New York Republicans called on Rep. George Santos to resign following revelations that he fabricated or embellished much of his background while running for Congress last year.”

George Santos accused of breaking campaign finance laws:

“New York Rep. George Santos is facing a formal ethics complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission. The complaint accuses the Republican of illegally using campaign funds for personal expenses and submitting false information about the source of his campaign donations. Scott MacFarlane reports.”

Small, local paper uncovered and reported George Santos scandal before November election:

“A watchdog group filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing newly sworn-in Rep. George Santos of illegally using campaign funds and masking the source of those funds. The North Shore Leader, a small paper on Long Island, broke the scandal before the November election. By the time other outlets picked it up, Santos had been elected. Grant Lally joined Geoff Bennett to discuss.”

Democrats deliver ethics complaint to Rep. Santos’ office:

“New York Democrats Reps. Dan Goldman and Ritchie Torres delivered an ethics complaint to Rep. Georgie Santos, R-N.Y., at his office. The two democrats have asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate his past financial disclosures.”

George Santos faces ethics complaint from House Democrats:

“Two House Democrats delivered an ethics complaint to New York Rep. George Santos on Tuesday, adding to the Republican’s growing list of problems. The Democrats are asking the House Ethics Committee to investigate whether Santos broke the law by failing to file “timely, accurate and complete financial disclosure reports.”

Um…Lying about your background while running for government office IS unethical!

So is refusing to resign and leave.

What a complete scumbag.


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