Ring of Fire: DeSantis Is The Democrats Nightmare…

Date: January 12, 2023

01) LINK

“America’s Lawyer E35: A new study has found that constant social media use might be harming brain development in children – we’ll tell you what researchers have discovered. Multiple attacks on power stations have taken place in the past two months, and the media is strangely silent about what’s happening. And a FIRST GRADER was arrested last week after shooting his teacher during school – we’ll bring you the details. All that, and more is coming up, so don’t go anywhere – America’s Lawyer starts right now.”


3 thoughts on “Ring of Fire: DeSantis Is The Democrats Nightmare…

  1. jsm

    No I see nothing negative at all with social media and kids. Time for society to catch up. They should do brain scans of adults watching TV. That would be more revealing.

  2. jsm

    How can they compare Jeb to De Santis? Voters just didn’t want another Bush in power, especially a boring one like Jeb even though he lost weight and wore a nice suit. I have a friend who lives in Florida and for him DeSantis walks on water lol!


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