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This Guy Believes In SEGREGATION?! – Black Nationalist Saga – Part 1…


Date: January 16, 2023

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“That title isn’t clickbait. This guy, “Doctor” Umar, really does believe in segregation and he’s trying to convince everyone that’s what is best for the black community. He also loudly speaks out against mixed race couples. It’s like listening to a white man from the 1900s. It’s absolutely wild.

Sorry for the audio issues from 2:00 to 2:51. I didn’t notice until after upload and all video checks were finished.”

The infliction of psychological damage is probably the only point I find credible, and agree with…though, not in the way he claims it is manifesting.

I’ve discussed this very same thing in the past [on BoyChat], and the idea that reparations for pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles would be legitimate.

There are many reasons why we in the BoyLove community refer to any profession which exploits, demonizes and pathologizes pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles, and profits from their impoverishment and destruction, as being part of the Sex Abuse Industry.

There are people who have enriched themselves, making entire careers out of treating MAPs like subhuman chattel.

That is hard, cold, objective fact.

It is monstrous and devastating, what some people will do to minorities and the disenfranchised…The crippling effect of it all, is impossible to even calculate.

You cannot possibly compensate people enough, for that type of inflicted trauma and loss…The debt will never be repaid…There is nothing that can replace what was lost.

I don’t personally expect money or accommodations…However…

…Do I think governments who imprison MAPs without just cause owe reparations to MAPs?…Yes…

…Do I think businesses and corporations who profit from demonizing and dehumanizing MAPs owe reparations?…Yes…

…Do I think individuals who commit violence and slander against MAPs owe reparations?…Yes…

…Do I think industry fields which engage in the extreme manipulation [psychiatry and psychology] of MAPs, and even attempt to biologically [scientifically] end the existence of MAPs, owe reparations?…Yes…

This will not happen, of course…because this world is anything but just…

That does not change the fact, that any group or individual forced to live under that constant assault and threat, is owed an overwhelming debt the aggressors can never actually repay.

There is no adequate compensation for ripping someones joy and purpose out of them, and replacing it with inescapable, lifelong social abuse.

…I suppose the question remains…what exactly do you do with that?…We have to eventually move past the way thing currently are, and learn to live in harmony…

…Telling people to pay us compensation, will be a barrier to arriving where we should be.

There ultimately has to be a forgiveness, in the face of true social understanding, and valid remorse…and a pact to never repeat the past.

I think that is the ultimate destination, we should be looking towards.


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Return Of The Living Dead 2…


Date: January 16, 2023

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“Special effects dominate this sequel to the 1985 smash undead thriller, where once again the dead are brought back to life, this time in a small town cemetery. When two boys open a steel drum belonging to the army, they accidentally release mysterious gases that have a supernatural effect on the corpses buried beneath them. Starring Dana Ashbrook (“Twin Peaks”). MPAA Rating: R (c) 1987 Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved.”

Hopefully, this isn’t another age restricted movie…I quite liked this one.