They WON’T Quit Twitter! Mastodon Users Already FLEEING!…


Date: January 17, 2023

01) LINK

“People salty about Elon Musk buying Twitter who threatened to leave for Mastodon will probably be back. Mastodon usage is already plummeting, and there are some reasons for this. Then we talk about terminated Twitter employees will NOT be allowed to move forward with a Class Action Lawsuit.”

Are certain sorts of people finally figuring out, that trite quips like “You don’t need twitter, go use another social media platform [or start your own]”, isn’t actually so simple?

Now that they’ve dreamed up some excuse to become a twitter refugee [nothing is actually forcing them to leave]…we get to see their true level of resolve.

That’s not a knock on people choosing to leave twitter on principle…More power to the people in that camp…

…It is a knock on the posers, who are just hysterical and pissy because their tyranny on twitter has come to an end.



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