Poly GONE: Polygon LAYOFFS Hit as Video Game News Sites IMPLODE!…


Date: January 20, 2023

01) LINK

“More video game news websites are seeing layoffs and January isn’t even over yet! Layoffs hit Vox Media owned Polygon one day after Giant Bomb and GameSpot also announced layoffs. Is Kotaku next? Is this the END of this era of video game journalism?”

One of the people on twitter going well out of their way to smear the MAPs on twitter, rile up the public and increase pressure on twitter to force MAPs off the platform…was a video game journo…This video game journo [I forget their name] used their position to write at least one “article”, where they lied their ass off about twitter MAPs…

…When confronted over this, that piece of trash smugly retorted, “I’m a video game journalist. People don’t expect integrity out of us” [I’m paraphrasing].

…As such, they publicly admitted they were being dishonest about twitter MAPs…and they made this admission on twitter, itself.

I hope that scumbag lost his paycheck…I hope this type of scumbag is purged from the video game and media industry…

…I hope they get the karma they have sorely earned for themselves.

I cannot weep over this…A lot of the people in that “industry”, are just flat out rotten people…abusive, narcissistic sociopaths.

…One of the major reasons that “industry” is failing.



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