The Atheist and the Mysticist…


Date: January 20, 2023

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“Mysticist Andrew Jasko joins Seth Andrews for a candid, good-faith discussion about consciousness, spirituality, psychedelics, and interestingly, their shared values as harsh critics of dogmatic religions.

Andrew’s website:

Religion can seriously mess you up, and scar you for life…

Some people ask…How could you ever believe that?…or, Why did it take you so long to see through it all?…

…They fail to realize, that not everybody has the same access to outside information and resources…Many religious people forbid this to their own children.

This is a good episode…

Like Andrew, I have also had experiences I could not explain, all throughout my life…Every here and there, anyway.

It makes it hard to dismiss, that something beyond the mere physical and rational is happening.


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