Simple Question Breaks a Christian’s Brain: Could God NOT Kill Children?…


Date: January 18, 2023

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“Hey friends! About a month ago I was tuned into Godless Engineer’s channel and listened to a live chat between him and a Christian pastor named Joe Ensley. I ended up dropping a super chat with a simple question for Joe, which he immediately set to not answering. What came next was… amazing, and I just had to do a breakdown of what was said.”

Is it possible to be an atheist and still believe gods exist?…

…If you believe that gods are a product of theology, then no…Because atheism is a rejection of theology [or theism].

There are absolutely atheists who find belief in gods to be ludicrous.

…If you want to split hairs, however…If there existed a race so technologically advanced that they could time/galaxy travel, and they could appear anywhere, before any people…Could those types of being be looked upon as “gods”? Would their technology, advanced far beyond other beings of that time and place, be seen as miracles or magic?

Some atheists might agree…that the interpretation could be that these are what “gods” actually are…beings that are vastly advanced in their technology.

If we could be plucked out of our own place, and set in another world with primitive cultures…yet, our technological gadgets still worked…would we be seen as some type of “gods”?

As an atheist…I would concede that “whether gods are a real thing”, hinges on how we define “gods”…That doesn’t mean I find the previously described scenario adequate, on a personal level…I don’t believe technology makes you a god…But I understand how some people can arrive at that conclusion, relative to their own existing level of knowledge.

At any rate…it is dehumanizing and arrogant for anyone to dictate to you, “what you believe”…or “what you don’t believe”.

That act centers around stealing from you, your own voice and individual humanity…It completely dismisses your personal cognition and agency.

That is the fundamental reason why people get irritated and angry, when others employ it against them…It’s dishonest, manipulative and displays absolute contempt.


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