Eliza Bleu Story Is A Lie As Article Shows Her Past And Her Friends Do Not Believe Her Story…


Date: February 03, 2023

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“Elon Musk’s favorite anti-trafficking advocate has set off a war in right-wing circles after Twitter banned some of her critics—and her own friends are poking holes in her story.”

I’m not saying anything about this specific case [I have no personal insight on Eliza Bleu]…But there are horrible, often predatory, people, who grift into the world of “championing victims of child sex abuse”, and exploit it for personal gain.

Total scumbags being exposed are nothing new in this…Believe me…They’re not that rare.

Some are here merely as cover, for their own psychopathic tendencies.

I am not joking about any of this…It’s just literally how things are…A lot of shit people latch onto these issues, because they’re super easy to exploit…and there is a ready made audience, waiting to enthusiastically slurp up their story without any critical push back or investigation.

Of course…there are legitimate cases, and genuine people…but there are a lot of liars, too…They’ll exploit everyone…They’ll turn on anyone…no matter who…even the people who thought they were allies.

This should be a much more talked about, exposed and understood issue.


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