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JUST IN: Marjorie Taylor Greene Drops The Hammer On Ex-Twitter Execs Over Her Ban From Twitter…


Date: February 08, 2023

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“At today’s House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) slammed ex-Twitter executives over her past banning.”

As usual…these things often drift into a range of issues, and I feel like I really should say something about them…but don’t really want to get into it right now…

Like the “child porn on twitter” claim…

…They have “woke” maniacs on the admin, who cannot hold themselves back from wholesale censorship of MAPs simply discussing life and politics…but they allegedly turn a blind eye to “child porn” on their platform?

…There is a very real question as to what is meant by “child porn”…which, when we are talking about rabid, religious conservatives, is normally detached from legal and rational definition.

I do not buy into this notion, that a platform which was no longer even allowing people with relevant sexual orientations to honestly represent themselves on the platform, was simultaneously harboring images and videos of minors having sex with each other.

Twitter turned rabidly against all of this, and even neutral acknowledgement of it all.

…So…No…I think there is more to that, than what is being portrayed here.

…But if it’s true…the hypocrisy…holy shit…

For those unfamiliar with me, or my own history with this…I spent over ten years [starting in 2009] on twitter, openly posting as a MAP, scrupulously remaining within their TOS, rules and policies…I had over 1,500 followers, and tens of thousands of tweets [spanning across a wide range of social issues, research and educational topics]…until one day in late 2020, my account was permanently suspended and made “read only”, for literally no reason. Twitter has refused to cite any term, rule, policy or reason for this, despite several appeals to reinstate my account, or at least give me the proper reason why they did this. I had no history of violations or suspensions, nor of behavioral issues on the platform. I was unceremoniously banished from speaking on the platform, in spite of my very long established history in good standing.

I still have an outstanding appeal which I filed about two months ago [probably two and a half]…I’ve never even received an acknowledgment of that appeal…let alone any decision on it…I’ve been patient, as Elon claims he’s forming a committee to handle the issue of wrongly suspended accounts…and I honestly don’t know what’s going on with changes to their system.

…But I do know that my situation should be a no-brainer, slam dunk, “Yes, this was a wholly wrong suspension” case, upon mere looking at the facts…and the suspension should be lifted, without any hesitation…because that is the obvious thing to do.

…Of course…this grants faith that the current group in charge of twitter has more integrity, than the last group in charge of twitter.

The current update on my twitter account status, is that the appeal remains in complete limbo…There has been no response.

As to Marjorie…I think her account should have never been suspended…It’s interesting that it was reinstated so fast…

…It leaves me questioning why I, as a human rights advocate who has done nothing outside of the terms, rules, policies and standards, am still waiting over two years later, to have my account reinstated…It clearly should have been an automatic reversal [and disciplinary action for the person behind it], upon my first appeal.

When is twitter going to address the elephant in the room, and confront that many of us have had our accounts intentionally assassinated, by rogue twitter employees?

I don’t like Marjorie…but I kind of enjoy watching her tare into twitter.



Is America Really This Ignorant?…

Date: February 08, 2023

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“On today’s show, David asks his listeners, “Is America really this ignorant?”
David does The News
00:00:00 Florida Congressman offers psychotic gifts to his colleagues
00:01:34 George Santos takes to the house floor to warn of rising crime
00:01:47 California police take out double amputee who, they claim, try to run away from them
00:08:39 Manhattan prosecutors convene grand jury looking into Trump’s hush money for Stormy Daniels
00:11:44 Trump pleads the fifth 400 times
00:14:08 New York Magazine says DeSantis beats Trump
00:15:51 West Virginia presidential candidate’s pregnant wife hogs the spotlight
00:19:58 Don Junior finally getting his father’s respect
00:22:02 Should parents elect school principals?
00:26:18 Donald Trump campaigns in South Carolina
00:29:38 The photograph Lindsey Graham doesn’t want Republicans to see
00:32:12 Trump introduces Congressman Joe “You Lie” Wilson
00:34:54 The story of Obamacare
00:37:54 When civil discourse broke down at town hall meetings for Obamacare
00:44:57 How former Speaker John Boehner landed a cushy job with the tobacco companies
00:48:01 Mike Pence was also a creep back in 2009
00:54:45 What gave rise to Marjorie Taylor Greene?
01:04:33 Donald Trump told 30,573 lies as president
01:14:02 David exposes the lie Trump tells about the economy during his presidency
01:17:18 Trump added 7 trillion to the US Debt
01:21:04 Trump declared bankruptcy six times
01:23:31 Trump’s lies about Antifa
01:27:06 White supremacy groups pose as Antifa on social media
01:31:13 Trump tells the truth about Steve Scalise
01:34:01 Dr. Frank Luntz sans toupee
01:37:14 The real reason Twitter wants Trump back
01:39:18 The real reason Facebook wants Trump back
01:40:11 Nick Clegg, who is he?”


Russian mercenaries reveal what happened to soldier who wouldn’t fight…

Date: February 08, 2023

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“CNN’s Fred Pleitgen speaks with Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group who were captured by Ukraine.”

Realize the political lens of CNN, and their own hand in propagandizing the war…but also understand, that Russia murdering its own soldiers when they refuse to charge into their own slaughter, is historically known to have happened.


Congressman, ADL ATTACK Joe Rogan, Krystal As Antisemitic…

Date: February 08, 2023

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“Krystal and Saagar respond to allegations from a Congressman and the ADL that Joe and Krystal are antisemitic for comments related to Ilhan Omar on their recent podcast appearance.”

I see absolutely nothing antisemitic in that clip.

These people and groups ganging up, calling you antisemitic…these are bullies, trying to intimidate and silence you…and make an example of you, to keep everyone else from saying anything…This is a bad faith, political game of domination.

Fact is…the modern United States relationship with Israel, has been a monumentally unhealthy one, which has been shielded from all criticism and alteration, by viciously attacking anyone who wants things to change.

This is one example, of the worst of the worst in politics.

What I have said here is no comment on the decency of Jews, nor Israels right to exist…

…It’s a comment on the powerful and corrupt, forcing what they want onto everyone else…even when a massive portion of everyone else does not want it…and it is to the detriment of most everyone else.

When good people try to stand up to it…this is one of their tactics, to get away with doing it anyway…

…assassinate the character, of anyone pointing out your own wrong doing…cause a lot of problems and loss, for anyone trying to get you to behave differently.


Rick & Morty Staff DOGPILE Justin Roiland! Is His Career OVER?…


Date: February 08, 2023

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“Rick & Morty staffers are dishing on Justin Roiland, which some even claiming he had nothing to do with the show but the voices. Even if proven innocent in court, is Roiland’s animation career over?”

So…this is not the same guy who got naked with the baby doll [and simulated screwing it?]…but, that guy also worked on the show, and is mentioned here…